• Feb192020

    Drink Up London: Gente de Mezcal at the Margarita Experiment

    A great profile piece by Drink Up London. We’re delighted to be participating at their sold out event, The Margarita…

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  • Jan072019

    Tasting @ Spirit Hunter, Brighton, UK

    Next Thursday 24th of January, our ambassador in the United Kingdom will host an intimate tasting with our most emblematic…

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  • Oct232018

    Gente de Mezcal @ KIN Festival, Bristol, UK

    We’re excited to be taking mezcal to KIN: a new four-day event from the makers of Shambala Festival. Taking place…

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  • Oct192018

    Tasting Experience & Tapas Dinner @ The Spire, Brighton, UK

    We’re hosting another evening of mezcal and tapas to follow up the wonderful event we held in London last month.…

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  • Sep272018

    Tasting Experience & Tapas Dinner, London

    We are introducing three mezcals, our first to be exported to the UK. We present mezcals from the Espadin, Tobalá…

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  • Mar292018

    The Guardian: Why mezcal – with a side of worm salt – is finally having its moment

    It’s vegan, gluten-free and backed by George Clooney – what more could you ask for? If you wind down the…

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  • Jul312017

    Keeping it in the family

    From grandfather to father, from father to son, and from son to grandson.  This is how, throughout generations this wonderful…

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  • Apr032017

    Jalisco took them away

    We still have a lot to resolve in the mezcal industry. “Jalisco took them away” is Maestro Graciano’s testimony.  Take…

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  • Mar202017

    Common Knowledge

    Maestro Graciano tells us all about the different species of agave and what they’re known as locally.

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  • Feb152017

    Keeping up tradition. Stories from the Palenque

    Maestro Graciano tells us how the mezcal tradition is passed down from parents to children.  The peoples’ knowledge at the…

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