El Salón

Colonia Juárez, Ciudad de México

Experiencia Online

Únete a nuestro Mezcal y Tequila Cocktail Masterclass y toma un viaje sensorial al corazón de la cultura mexicana.

Estarás guiado a través de la creación de dos a tres cócteles distintos de mezcal y tequila mientras aprendes sobre los perfiles de sabor y la importancia cultural de los ingredientes que usarás. Una oportunidad única de tener nuestro equipo premiado de mixología en tu propia casa!

Salón Rosario

Colonia Roma Norte, Ciudad de México

Experiencias Presenciales

Somos anfitriones de los mejores Airbnb Experiencias en la Ciudad de México, en tres sedes distintos incluyendo nuestro propio salón de degustaciones, El Salón más el Salón Rosario y Los Románticos.

Actualmente todas nuestras Experiencias están en pausa debido a la pandemia. Mientras tanto, no dudas en reservar nuestro Mezcal y Tequila Cocktail Masterclass en linea!

El Salón, Col. Juárez

Salón Rosario, Col. Roma Norte

Los Románticos, Col. Juárez

Los Románticos

Colonia Juárez, Ciudad de México

Nuestras Reseñas

  •   We did a private party for my husbands birthday. Was a great time, would definitely do it again!

    thumb Cristina

      A great balance of helpful info and interactiveness! Made some delicious cocktails with friends and family

    thumb Daniel

      Such a fun and interactive class. Highly recommend!

    thumb Jessica

      I cannot highly recommend this enough. Not only did we learn how to make delicious cocktails, we also learned some history and culture of mezcal as well as some basic bartending tips. The whole experience felt very friendly and personalised.

    thumb Robin

      Really great experience! We did a private group for my wife's birthday with friends and family. Fun experience for all of us during this crazy time!

    thumb Tom

      We worked with Ana, not Katri and Hardi (?), but it was great! I really saw a spectrum of tequila's potential throughout this class! Ana was awesome- you could see her passion shine through 100%

    thumb Erin

      Excellent class! And delicious cocktails! Would definitely recommend!!

    thumb Laura

      I came in knowing next to nothing about mezcal and learned so much from our wonderful host. We discussed everything from the history of mezcal, how it's made, the different agaves used, even the market conditions for farmers! Great activity for solo travelers (like me!) or a small group. The space is lovely and super intimate. The mezcal is excellent quality, we tasted 6 different varieties, each with its own character. I recommend eating beforehand as the pours are very generous- it was more than I could responsibly finish 🙂 Highly recommended!

    thumb Courtney

      We had a fantastic date night! Learned so much about how to balance the flavors with tequila and mezcal. Very educational. I can’t wait to have people over for cocktails!

    thumb Tricia
  •   The perfect COVID evening. He is amazing and so engaging

    thumb Drew

      Loved this class - highly recommended!!

    thumb Alex

      We had so much fun tasting and learning about Mezcal. Katri taught us about all the different types of agaves used and shared with us photos of the process. We loved our time at this experience.

    thumb Moira

      great experience, highly recommend

    thumb Max

      Great way to get together with a group during the pandemic!

    thumb Alice

      This class was so fun! I didn't get it together to get ingredients to actually make the cocktails but took 4 pages of notes. Had a great time and really learned alot. Thanks!

    thumb Patty

      The setting gives a real sense of place. Katri put the emphasis on adaptive, hands-on teaching, working with your skills at any level, and your equipment and supplies. The approach to cocktail-making emphasizes innovation and creativity, as well as balance of flavors. I was given skills beyond the specific recipes we worked on together. Very fun!!!

    thumb Terry

      This experience was just incredible!! Their employee Ana conducted the tasting and her passion for mezcal was incredible. We had 4 total in our group. It was incredibly personal as we got to know each other and Ana taught us everything she could about mezcal tasting. Thank you beyond words for a wonderful time!!! I can’t recommend this enough!!

    thumb Taylor

      Excellent team building experience! We hosted a team building and farewell to a colleague event. Ana was our mixologist. She was great to work with preparation for our experience and during the event. We had a specific video conferencing system that we wanted to use and with some testing we confirmed that it would be ok for this event. During the event, Ana had lots of information to share with our team and we learned so much about Mezcal. In fact m,the colleague that was going away was especially excited by all of the knowledge that Ana had to share.

    She was so good about walking us through three different cocktails and even though none of us had exactly the same ingredients, she was still able to help us each cultivate very delicious drinks.

    I would absolutely do this experience again.

    thumb Justine
  •   This was a great virtual date night! We knew nothing about making cocktails prior to this class - we actually purchased our first cocktail shaker kit just for this. The host helped everyone customize our drinks based on the ingredients we had and our personal tastes. It was informative and fun, and we're thinking of booking another class soon with a few more friends.

    thumb Haley

      Awesome cocktail mixing learning experience!

    thumb Damien

      Amazing! I did a private event with 14 friends for a surprise virtual birthday party for my girlfriend. We all had a blast and definitely learned quite a bit too. Sadie went above and beyond for our group, even stayed 45 minutes with us. I loved her personal touch when asking about ingredients - she really knows her stuff. Katri, the host, was very responsive with any questions I had. All in all, we made (2) delicious cocktails, took many shots, and have a lifelong memory of an unforgettable experience. We all can't wait to visit Mexico!

    thumb Edward

      We really enjoyed this experience! It was a lot of fun to experience the culture and learn how to make some tasty drinks!

    thumb Alan

      Great experience for my couples or a group of friends! Looking forward to doing an event like this for a birthday party or something of that sort with a large group of friends! We had a great time with Sade!

    thumb Maria

      It was an awesome experience, David was absolutely fantastic. It was my son’s birthday so we were able to connect even though we live in different countries and celebrate his birthday together. The cocktails we are fun and tasty and I fully recommend this event

    thumb Cindy

      This class was lots of fun and I will definitely be making these cocktails again.

    thumb Diana

      It was an awesome experience that my whole family enjoyed!

    thumb Brandon

      We really enjoyed this experience. The cocktails were really yummy!

    thumb Arie
  •   We had a wonderful time. Our hosts were knowledgeable and fun!

    thumb Michael

      Booked the tequila cocktail making class for our team’s virtual year-end celebration. It was absolutely wonderful! Everyone learned a lot, the drinks were delicious, and it was the perfect way to bond 2020-style! Thanks!

    thumb Lillian

      This was a great class! They are super knowledgeable, friendly, and warm 🙂

    thumb Alexandra

      I thought this would be a fun cocktail experience - but it was so much more! I was blown away by their passion for the details and nuances of mezcal/tequila/Mexican history/agave lore, which was so special, and I loved getting fancy bartending tips, the little things that I can do at home to really impress friends. The drinks were delicious, and I loved the experience.

    thumb Shana

      I got this for my husband for his birthday. He didn't know what to expect going into it, but had a really wonderful time and made some tasty drinks throughout the session. He said it was a lot of fun.

    thumb Nichole

      We received this as a gift and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Felt very connected to Sofia & Jimena. Truly fun experience!

    thumb Debbie

      We did this as a company event with about 8 people and it was incredible they could personalize to each of us. If you don't have the ingredients (even alcohol) they will make sure you are still able to build some incredible drinks. Great online experience!

    thumb Zach

      Super fun virtual experience with Lisa. The cocktails were so good and Lisa was a great teacher and made you feel like you were with her in person rather than on Zoom. We can’t wait to go to Mexico City and taste Mezcal with Lisa in person

    thumb Cecilie

      We booked the Mezcal and Tequila cocktail masterclass for a virtual team event and the class was above and beyond our expectations. We have done a few virtual events and this was unanimously our teams favorite! Ana and Sade were wonderful hosts. They were extremely informative and went above and beyond to help each person customize their drink. I have already suggested this activity to numerous friends! I would highly recommend the Mezcal & Tequila Cocktail Masterclass!

    thumb Megan
  •   Even though I wish we could have been in Mexico City learning about Mezcal, doing it on zoom with friends was so much fun and just made we want to go to Mexico City as soon as possible.

    thumb Susan

      This is a wonderful and fun experience. You will learn a lot about bar tending tricks along with information about tequila. The host made it really fun and interactive. I had a great time!

    thumb Sarah

      Ana was great! She’s a true expert and made the environment relaxed and fun. Making the drinks was easy to follow and she answered any questions along the way.

    thumb Joanna

      Fantastic!! I’ve never made cocktails with more than two ingredients, but now I realize it isn’t scary at all.

    thumb Meaghan

      Ana is amazing!!! She shared her extensive knowledge & passion for mezcal and made us feel empowered to make cocktails with it more often. My partner & I were two of four attendees (another couple), so we were able to have a lot of 1:1 interactions with Ana & each other. Highly recommend!

    thumb Sarah

      We had so much fun at the class. David was our host and he was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He did a great job answering questions, suggesting different tips for recipes, etc. The drinks were delicious and I'm happy to have the recipes in our repertoire. We also came out of it with some great resources in terms of suggested brands of tequilas and mezcals, where to find them, and copies of the recipes we made. Definitely recommend this class.

    thumb Leigh

      So fun!

    thumb Elisa

      What a great way to spend an evening! We learned how to make the BEST restaurant quality agave cocktails! Our host David was fantastic, tailoring each of our ingredients on hand to make one of a kind drinks (there were even a few Mexican bartender secrets!)

    thumb Kerri

      This was a fantastic "date night" experience at-home for me and my husband! Liza was great and a fun host; I loved how she offered ingredient solutions to suit personal tastes. the drinks we made were so yummy and totally something we'd order at a bar - I can't wait to recreate the drinks for friends. I would recommend this experience to anyone out there that is looking for a fun experience and enhance their at-home bartending skills.

    thumb Sonia
  •   It was a fun experience loved the drinks and the stories behind them. She opened our eyes and our palets to some new horizons.

    thumb Stephy

      This is an intimate and lively experience that transports you to their bar in Mexico City. The bartenders draw in the entire group while sharing their knowledge of mezcal and tequila in a very accessible learning environment with amazing drinks. I highly recommend this experience if you are looking to drink, learn, and get to know great people. P.S. - If it is your birthday, prepare to take shots or keep it to yourself.

    thumb Christopher

      Such fun! We attended the mezcal class as a small group and were impressed with the recipes, instruction, and loved the fun vibe. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!

    thumb Adele

      This event was great! Not only do you get to make a variety of cocktails, but you also learn how to layer mezcal cocktails (the basics) so that you can make any cocktail to your liking in the future. Tons of fun learning about Mexico City and the history of mezcal. Highly recommend for a night of fun!

    thumb Anastasia

      So fun and delicious!!

    thumb Mary

      Such a great experience, learned to make 3 amazing cocktails that were so delicious. Cant wait to share them with family and friends.

    thumb Gabriela

      So fantastic - was the perfect choice for my husband's birthday! Ana is so knowledgeable and genuine, great experience and left with so many new ideas for cocktails!

    thumb Hannah

      fantastic experience - will book again!

    thumb Molly

      A fun activity with friends. Thank you!

    thumb Monica
  •   Great experience!

    thumb Stephen

      Amazing! Quality experience and amazing drinks

    thumb Robin

      Really fun group activity and delicious drinks!

    thumb Dana

      Definitely a great experience anyone interesting in making cocktails at home! Our host (Sade) definitely went through the varying ingredients as group to make sure we all had great drinks!

    This allowed us to learn how to improvise at home with what fruits and herbs we have in our pantry 🙂

    thumb Neil

      So lovely to spend time with family and friends across the world making fantastic cocktails. Ana was amazing, so sweet and patient with the rowdy family that we are. Highly recommend.

    thumb Aparna

      This was such a fun "girls night out" virtual experience for a birthday party. The hosts showed us how to make two cocktails, and they worked with each of us to pair fruit and herbs together so all of our cocktails would taste as great as possible based on what ingredients we had available. It was clear they were highly knowledgeable about tequila and mezcal. I chose this because given the ongoing quarantine conditions we're living with in the United States, I knew it would be a while before I can celebrate with friends in person. This gave us a chance to celebrate and do something unique that we couldn't normally do together.

    thumb Meredith

      Ana was so friendly and engaging. We booked this class for a holiday corporate event and everyone had a blast and learned so many new things. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to know more about mezcal, Mexico and creating amazing cocktails. She also plays great music. Thanks Ana!!

    thumb Robin

      I liked this. It was fun to try new drinks. The timing was perfect and 3 drinks was enough but not too much!

    thumb Tracey

      This class was so much fun. The host was warm and inviting and the cocktails were DELICIOUS!

    thumb ShaTerra
  •   Learned so much through this experience! Definitely excited to take my mezcal knowledge home with me. Highly recommend!

    thumb Rachel

      Amazing time!

    thumb Tommy

      In these crazy times, it was great to come together with some global friends and imbibe, make cocktails and celebrate mezcal.

    thumb Jacqueline

      Learn something new and have fun along the way! A great way to celebrate with a group of friends or family members.

    thumb Helene

      Fabulous team bonding event! Recommend Sade

    thumb Bailey

      I thought a virtual cocktail class would be weird and awkward but this was so much better than the average Zoom call! My date and I had so much fun it almost felt like being out in the real world again! Cannot recommend more highly.

    thumb Zackary

      This class was so much fun! A group of us attended together to celebrate a friend’s birthday and we had a blast. Ana taught us so much - and gave us a framework for creating cocktails beyond the class. She shared recipe ideas, substitutions, and stories that I appreciate so much. I’ve already impressed my boyfriend with my new cocktail making skills. Such a great experience and highly recommend Ana!

    thumb Marissa

      Wonderful class!! Super fun and informative. Drinks were delicious. Felt like actual happy hour.

    thumb Brynda

      Its a hang out in an AMAZING bar in Mexico City with two incredible bartenders who not only make you unique and delicious cocktails but also explain the balance behind a great drink AND how the spirits are actually made.
    I miss bars and restaurants and this was exactly that; a cool hang in one of the coolest bars in the world with two of the COOLEST bartenders of all time.
    Drink a lot, don’t drink at all, it doesn’t matter, it’s just so much fun!
    Incredible experience. I’m looking forward to booking it again!!

    thumb Ann
  •   This was a super fun way to connect with people from other places while on lock-down with Covid-19. Ana was super fun and energetic. She loves the craft of artful cocktail making and went out of her way to educate us and make it fun.

    thumb Andrea

      The three drinks were delicious! Thoroughly enjoyed this experience. And now I know how to make really good tequila and mezcal drinks 🙂

    thumb Kirsti

      We had a fantastic online experience for our group. We learned how to make Mexican cocktails from the experts. It was a delicious experience!

    thumb Alberto

      A can’t-miss opportunity. It's one of the first experiences we describe when we tell people about the highlights of our trip, and we recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in CDMX!

    We had one of our most fun nights in Mexico City learning about mezcal from Ana. A world-class bartender/mixologist with unimpeachable credentials and a great sense of humor, she helped to completely elevate our understanding of mezcal. Our party of two was joined by three other guests who had signed up for that night's tasting, and we shared a lot of laughs in a cozy, wood-panelled space. The product is high-quality as well, and each party ended up purchasing at least one bottle of mezcal.

    thumb Haesun

      Fun experience. Learned a lot about the history and origins of Tequila !! Delicious . Drinks we made are easily done independently..which is great. We really enjoyed .

    thumb Sue

      Good concept, but hosts need to be more engaging

    thumb Neha

      We had a great experience with our bartender David! He was dynamic, engaged with everyone in the class and had great tips for which ingredients to use. Loved the information and learning some of the why behind combining flavors and alcohols. A fun date night or distanced activity.

    thumb Ariela

      Ana led a cocktail class for my team's social event. She was fantastic! I highly recommend the experience. You don't just make cocktails, but rather learn about the art of cocktail-making. She explains the purpose of each ingredient and how it builds layers in the final product. She was also great with substitutions when my team was missing ingredients. The 90 minutes went by very fast!

    thumb Rachel

      This was a really fun experience. Our host was super knowledgeable about Mezcal & Tequila and responded to all of our questions. And the drinks were great! Highly recommend!

    thumb Nicole
  •   This experience was great!! We learned so much and our host really simplified the process of making great tequila cocktails! The spicy margarita was incredible and we will definitely be making it again! We loved the flexibility of the recipes, it really makes you feel like you can use what you have on hand and still make a great cocktail. Our host David had great energy and made the class fun. Definitely would recommend this experience!

    thumb Lara

      It was a blast! Great way to spend an evening (COVID or not!). Can't wait to visit them in person!

    thumb Frank Russell

      Ana and Gabby were so friendly, passionate and gracious! They are expert cocktail makers and shared a lot of insights and special techniques. The tequila and mezcal cocktails were outstanding! It was a ton of fun to learn from and see their passion shine through. Thank you!

    thumb Charles

      In this experience, I learned how easy it is to expertly make the exact kind of cocktails I like to drink. When I travel to CDMX, their tasting room/bar will be top of the list to visit.

    thumb Amelia

      Fabulous experience! Anna was attentive to everyone’s needs and ingredients. She checked in with each of us all along the way. We did this as a family activity among members spread out in different areas. It was a wonderful family activity.

    thumb Sharon

      This was a great experience and I would definitely do another one and try to learn different drinks.

    thumb Emily

      loved the class and learned a lot about mezcal

    thumb Katherine

      I received this as a gift and questioned the value of the Zoom call versus just receiving the recipes. I added a few friends and we had a great time. The host, Sophia, was very informative and entertaining. And the drinks were awesome.

    thumb Dave

      Great experience for quarantine, learn no skill and the host was super friendly and entertaining.

    thumb Sandy