El Salón

Colonia Juárez, Ciudad de México

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Únete a nuestro Mezcal y Tequila Cocktail Masterclass y toma un viaje sensorial al corazón de la cultura mexicana.

Estarás guiado a través de la creación de dos a tres cócteles distintos de mezcal y tequila mientras aprendes sobre los perfiles de sabor y la importancia cultural de los ingredientes que usarás. Una oportunidad única de tener nuestro equipo premiado de mixología en tu propia casa!

Salón Rosario

Colonia Roma Norte, Ciudad de México

Experiencias Presenciales

Somos anfitriones de los mejores Airbnb Experiencias en la Ciudad de México, en tres sedes distintos incluyendo nuestro propio salón de degustaciones, El Salón más el Salón Rosario y Los Románticos.

Actualmente todas nuestras Experiencias están en pausa debido a la pandemia. Mientras tanto, no dudas en reservar nuestro Mezcal y Tequila Cocktail Masterclass en linea!

El Salón, Col. Juárez

Salón Rosario, Col. Roma Norte

Los Románticos, Col. Juárez

Los Románticos

Colonia Juárez, Ciudad de México

Nuestras Reseñas

  •   What a great way to bring people together safely and still learn about Mezcal! I am not personally a fan of tequila/mezcal but learning how to structure the drinks and what makes a mezcal special helped me actually enjoy it! I was just making my drinks all whacked in the past apparently! Ha ha. Kudos and thank you for the help!

    thumb Kristal

      We had a wonderful class for my friend's birthday! I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

    thumb Sharon

      AWESOME DATE NIGHT!! - this is the perfect activity to do and this was 100x better than I even expected. Her knowledge was truly world-class and so interesting to know. We walked away more knowledgable, delighted and had so much fun!

    thumb Zaki

      David and Sofia were excellent teachers! Our group had a blast learning how to make tasty beverages with them and we'll most likely do it again.

    thumb Alfredo

      This was a super fun experience! I booked a private party for my husband's birthday and invited a bunch of his friends. The hosts were very friendly and got to know the group by asking questions. They walked us through the making of each cocktail and really worked with whatever we had on hand. I would recommend this for a fun group gathering or date night activity!

    thumb Alexandra

      Ana was extremely knowledgeable, super patient with our large group, and made sure the experience felt really personal. She answered all of my questions, no matter how silly, and helped us work with whatever we had in our kitchen. I can't wait to be able to visit in person! Cheers!

    thumb Angie

      This was such a great experience! Ana was so fun and personable as well as knowledgeable and entertaining. This was my first Airbnb experience and it blew all of my expectations! Highly recommend!

    thumb Krista

      David was great, super knowledgeable on mezcal/tequila obviously and did a great job of engaging with everyone!

    thumb Ariana

      Great class, and you could tell Sade really knew a lot about bartending! She was great about finding ways to customize our cocktails to our preferences, and was so engaging!

    thumb Janet
  •   So fantastic - was the perfect choice for my husband's birthday! Ana is so knowledgeable and genuine, great experience and left with so many new ideas for cocktails!

    thumb Hannah

      A great balance of helpful info and interactiveness! Made some delicious cocktails with friends and family

    thumb Daniel

      We were the only two in our class so it ended up being a very personalized experience. We made three cocktails—all delicious—and learned about tequila and Mezcal. We got extra tips and ideas as well, along with a great recommendation on an app to download. I haven’t received the recipes yet but it’s only been about an hour since the class, so we look forward to getting them. A fun afternoon that will set us up for great parties this summer.

    thumb Esther

      Thanks for the fun experience! A group of us took this class to celebrate a friend's birthday and we had a lot of fun! The cocktail recipes were unique and delicious, and we learned a lot about Tequila and Mezcal along the way. Thank you again for being a great host and making my friend's birthday extra special 🙂

    thumb Joyita

      Date night winner! Just do it. They are amazing. We learned a lot and had a blast taking this class!

    thumb Nicholas

      Amazing, personalized experience that is well worth the value! We learned three different cocktails, each with their own fun way of incorporating mezcal. I would definitely recommend having a full cocktail kit and the listed ingredients if possible, it definitely allows for a lot more playfulness in the kitchen.

    thumb Shaan

      My husband and I each participated and made our own unique drinks. They were absolutely delicious! We even made one on our own to enjoy after the presentation. It was great to learn how to make drinks with fresh ingredients. Not all of the participants had the same ingredients but Ana made it easy to improvise to make a beautifully layered Mezcal or Tequila drink.

    thumb Lynn

      What a fun Saturday night! It was like drinking with friends across the world. Not only did we learn a few cocktail tricks, we got to learn how to really build a well crafted cocktail “layer by layer”. Highly recommended

    thumb Jaime

      I had a great time making cocktails with Ana. I got a lot of knowledge and tips of how to create original cocktails. I can’t wait to try them out

    thumb Janet
  •   We did this as a company event with about 8 people and it was incredible they could personalize to each of us. If you don't have the ingredients (even alcohol) they will make sure you are still able to build some incredible drinks. Great online experience!

    thumb Zach

      A super fun experience with awesome and knowledgeable hosts! A great way to bring groups from all over together in an interactive and casual way. I would definitely do this again.

    thumb Brandon

      Ana did an amazing job breaking down cocktail theory and then had a wonderful array or cocktails for us to make together. She took her time and answered all our questions about tequila and mezcal. I felt like I learned so much during this time and was so happy to be a part of it. I’d strongly recommend the experience to anyone!

    thumb Becky

      Did this class with a private group and despite our lack of organization and experience behind the bar. Liza made this a super engaging and enjoyable experience. Remembered our names throughout, called on people to show their drinks, stayed patient when we messed up. Even better than I expected

    thumb Joseph

      Terrific experience. Host was very knowledgeable, engaging and interesting. Was good about making sure there were customizations for each participant. Thoroughly enjoyed!

    thumb Taylor

      What a great experience! Sade rolled with our group's meandering thoughts but still kept us on track!

    thumb Amanda

      Do not hesitate to take this class! This was such a fun way to spend a Saturday night in locked-down NYC. I’ve never been good at making drinks on my own and Ana and Gaby’s instruction was clear and easy and they managed to include every single person in the class along the way. I used to live in Mexico City and really miss it so if I get to go back soon I would likely check in on them and ask for their suggestions of where to eat and drink bc it’s clear they know what they are talking about. Thanks guys for a very fun evening. I’m feeling it this morning which is the best sign of a good time!

    thumb Laura

      This is a super fun experience my Partner and I did on a random Tuesday evening.
    We were both kind of rushing around right before and host was really engaging and got us both into the class.
    We were totally blown away by what we learned and the cocktail making approach we learned and look forward to using in future!

    thumb Justin

      Terrific! Great cocktails and learned a lot from Ana's storytelling

    thumb Roger
  •   Lots of fun!

    thumb Karl

      This was a great experience. The hosts were welcoming and knowledgeable, inclusive and personable. I would definitely recommend for any mezcal or tequila fans. Good value for price I thought also.

    thumb Ryan

      This is a wonderful and fun experience. You will learn a lot about bar tending tricks along with information about tequila. The host made it really fun and interactive. I had a great time!

    thumb Sarah

      Amazing time!

    thumb Tommy

      It was an awesome experience that my whole family enjoyed!

    thumb Brandon

      LOVED THIS EXPERIENCE! I've always wanted to take a bartending class, never thought a virtual one could be so great! Sade was amazing! Walked us through everything, helped us make substitutions when necessary and made itreally feel like I could walk away from this and make these cocktails for friends! I've already started telling friends that we should do this together because I would definitely do it again! ALSO she played great tunes throughout the entire class.

    thumb Sheryl

      Awesome! We loved it for my
    Wife’s birthday with her friends! Highly recommend, and terrific drinks!

    thumb Amar

      Thanks, Ana, we had a blast! You taught us so much. The recipes and technique: so good!

    thumb Chris

      Thank you !!!

    thumb Erin
  •   Had a lovely time with new and old friends making delicious cocktails. Sade was super friendly! Thanks!

    thumb Martha

      So much fun! LOVED hearing about the history of tequila and mezcal.

    thumb Alana

      We did a private class with a group of high school friends. Super fun way to connect and learn something new about tequila and mezcal. Sade walked us through some delicious cocktails. Key words: layers of flavor!

    thumb Kristen

      Many thanks! Our bartender/instructor Sade was so delightful and the drinks delicious. Her instruction was a fantastic set up to help me make many future tasty cocktails. Thank you!!

    thumb Elliott

      If you're thinking about booking this experience, do it! David was our bartender/mixologist for the night, and he was amazing. Very personable, and understood the vibe of our group as I brought together several of my partner's friend groups to celebrate his birthday virtually. We learned a lot and got some amazing recipes out of it that I can wait to keep trying this summer! Thanks so much, David!

    thumb Christina

      This event was great! Not only do you get to make a variety of cocktails, but you also learn how to layer mezcal cocktails (the basics) so that you can make any cocktail to your liking in the future. Tons of fun learning about Mexico City and the history of mezcal. Highly recommend for a night of fun!

    thumb Anastasia

      Had a great time learning to make cocktails, especially in the time of covid when bars are closed. David was a fun and accommodating host, tailoring drinks based on the ingredients we had. I like that we learned the fundamentals so that we knew how to alter ingredients or ingredient combinations to make "new" drinks on our own in the future.

    thumb Janice

      We did this for a work team building experience and it was great. Ana brought everybody in and also created some excellent cocktails.

    thumb Becky

      A very fun experience to know about Mezcal and taste!

    thumb Olivia
  •   This experience was just incredible!! Their employee Ana conducted the tasting and her passion for mezcal was incredible. We had 4 total in our group. It was incredibly personal as we got to know each other and Ana taught us everything she could about mezcal tasting. Thank you beyond words for a wonderful time!!! I can’t recommend this enough!!

    thumb Taylor

      Perfect surprise birthday experience for our friends during quarantine! The hosts were more than accommodating, fun, and knowledgeable. We learned so much and had the best time celebrating our friend’s birthday. 10/10 would recommend! Thanks, ladies!

    thumb Alyssa

      Wonderful and unique experience to do at home. Fun date night idea.

    thumb Tara

      Had the best time learning all about Mezcal and how to make some amazing tequila drinks! But most importantly Ana taught us WHY certain mixed drinks ka are so amazing, giving us the skills we need to go on creating our own! An amazing class and an amazing teacher. Thanks Ana for everything!

    thumb Mason

      Booked this virtual experience as a gift for Mother's day and it did not disappoint. I was able to spent time with my parents although we are on different coasts and Ana was a great host.

    thumb Andrea

      Amazing experience!

    thumb Joe

      Would absolutely recommend this experience to anyone! You don't need to be super into making cocktails or tequila/mezcal for this to be enjoyable. Sade was an excellent host that made the experience easy, fun, and interesting. Definitely recommend!

    thumb Theresa

      This class was so much fun. The host was warm and inviting and the cocktails were DELICIOUS!

    thumb ShaTerra

      We had a great experience with our bartender David! He was dynamic, engaged with everyone in the class and had great tips for which ingredients to use. Loved the information and learning some of the why behind combining flavors and alcohols. A fun date night or distanced activity.

    thumb Ariela
  •   (Website hidden by Airbnb) g. Would definitely recommend!

    thumb Julianne

      This event was absolutely amazing and I recommend it to everyone. I chose this for a Cinco De Mayo customer event, and I’m so glad I did. Our host was so pleasant and knowledgeable and interacted with my very quiet customers. By the end, everyone had opened up and was raving. If you’re on the fence about booking this experience, don’t be. It was fabulous.

    thumb Cassie

      Would STRONGLY recommend this mezcal and tequila class. The host was so knowledgeable, the vibe was great, and it was low key friendly while also being very informative and thorough. Will definitely recommend to friends.

    thumb Lauren

      Great activity for those who unable to travel directly to Mexico, or have always been curious of what makes Mexican Mezcal such a great spirit. Class adapts to whatever you have on hand, so do not sweat if you run out of or don’t have the exact ingredients.

    thumb Corey

      Fun experience. Learned a lot about the history and origins of Tequila !! Delicious . Drinks we made are easily done independently..which is great. We really enjoyed .

    thumb Sue

      Anna was a great host, very friendly and answered all of our pesky questions. We really enjoyed making the cocktails from fresh ingredients and also enjoyed her sharing of knowledge about the making of mezcal and tequila and how to find quality spirits.

    thumb Nancy

      fantastic experience - will book again!

    thumb Molly

      This was such a fun "girls night out" virtual experience for a birthday party. The hosts showed us how to make two cocktails, and they worked with each of us to pair fruit and herbs together so all of our cocktails would taste as great as possible based on what ingredients we had available. It was clear they were highly knowledgeable about tequila and mezcal. I chose this because given the ongoing quarantine conditions we're living with in the United States, I knew it would be a while before I can celebrate with friends in person. This gave us a chance to celebrate and do something unique that we couldn't normally do together.

    thumb Meredith

      We did this as a virtual team building activity for work and it was a hit! In particular, we appreciated that Liza tailored the options for each participant and she was very creative, accommodating, and flexible. One participant noted that Liza was very experienced, fun, and resourceful and they loved being with the group and having a fun time. "My margarita was mind-blowing!"

    thumb Rebecca
  •   Fun activity for a group! Great way to kick off a night or elevate a group zoom-drinks.

    thumb Nate

      I can’t believe how good I am now at making mezcal cocktails thanks to this experience… might be a problem 🙂 Had a great time and our host was fun and accommodating. Would highly recommend to groups of friends or colleagues!

    thumb Daniel

      David was great! Really knowledgeable about his drinks and I learned a lot.

    thumb Krystal

      Great group activity

    thumb Matt

      The class was fun, informative, and the drinks were excellent - highly recommend!

    thumb Fiona

      Loved our class with Sade, very interactive and loved learning how to make use of the ingredients we had on hand!

    thumb Samantha

      I was initially hesitant to sign up for this experience because I had just done something similar in Oaxaca the week before and figured this would mostly be a rehash of what I had just learned. I couldn't have been more wrong. I'm SO glad I took the chance on this and I would recommend it to anyone, whether you've just heard of mezcal for the first time or you've been drinking it for years.

    To start, El Salón is a fantastic environment to taste. It's very well designed, clean, intimate and comfortable. The mezcal itself is special too. Each mezcal we tasted was unique and delicious, as I expected, but they were also from remarkably small batches. These are not bottles you're likely to find anywhere else, and I'm glad to say their bottle prices really don't do justice to their rarity or quality.

    The part that really made this experience special, though--especially after considering my previous tasting--was the host.
    I was blown away not only by Ana's knowledge of mezcal and the culture surrounding it, but also by her genuine passion of the subject. You can tell immediately she isn't just there to do a job, but to share this passion with others. No matter what random question I came up with she seemed to have not only an answer, but a story and a thoughtful perspective to share.

    Again, can't recommend it enough.

    thumb Alex

      We had a wonderful time learning how to mix cocktails with Katri & Hardey. They were super enthusiastic and created a really fun experience for our group of friends. Each drink that we made was delicious. We will definitely me using our new-found mixology skills at home!

    thumb Julie

      We loved our ladies Mezcal class. Anna and Sofia were so much fun. Anna really knew they history of Mezcal and answered all of our questions. It felt like we were all in person talking to each other at the bar. Would definitely do this class again!!!!

    thumb Kimber
  •   This was a great experience and I would definitely do another one and try to learn different drinks.

    thumb Emily

      Fantastic!! I’ve never made cocktails with more than two ingredients, but now I realize it isn’t scary at all.

    thumb Meaghan

      The setting gives a real sense of place. Katri put the emphasis on adaptive, hands-on teaching, working with your skills at any level, and your equipment and supplies. The approach to cocktail-making emphasizes innovation and creativity, as well as balance of flavors. I was given skills beyond the specific recipes we worked on together. Very fun!!!

    thumb Terry

      We had an awesome time with Ana. She was super fun and and expert mixologist. She walked us through history and details of making amazing cocktails that we will keep making!

    thumb John

      Katri & Hardey set up a super fun private cocktail making party for us all the way in Asia, and it couldn’t have been better!!! Delicious drinks, great info and storytelling where we learned about mezcal and tequila as if we were there! We were well prepared thanks to the info ahead of time too. I really enjoyed the personalised bits from the host about her favorite mezcal and tequila/mezcal regions of Mexico... what a great way to celebrate my birthday!!!

    thumb Katharine

      This was a blast! Ana was the best host.

    I purchased this for my boyfriends birthday and we had the best time. 10/10 recommend.

    thumb Alyson

      The experience was fun and informative on how to build a cocktail with fresh ingredients. I am looking forward to receiving the recipes and also how to make some for a crowd. If my computer screen was larger it would have been better but it was fine.

    thumb Vickie

      I booked a private class for my husbands 30th birthday and invited some family and friends. They were so quick to respond to my questions and were very accommodating. The class was so much fun! Our mixologist was great. She took time to check-in with each person and made recommendations based on the ingredients they had. She was also good at reading the mood of the group - knowing when to "teach" and when to let people chat and drink. I also now know how to make a mean mezcal cocktail. I would definitely recommend this experience, especially for a group of friends looking to connect during the pandemic.

    thumb Haylie

      A fun team event, preparing our own tequila/mezcal cocktails. The hosts did a great job of connecting with each of us, providing tips and stories throughout. The cocktails were delicious!

    thumb Jorge
  •   Great experience for my couples or a group of friends! Looking forward to doing an event like this for a birthday party or something of that sort with a large group of friends! We had a great time with Sade!

    thumb Maria

      Who knew that a Margarita could be so flavorful with a touch spice and citrus (and not syrupy sweet as we find it in the US)? Or that a simple mezcal tonic could taste (and smell) so divine? This class is the real deal. It’s an authentic introduction to understanding the flavors that go into making these classic cocktails by the best baristas in Mexico. David was exceptional. He really gave us permission to experiment. Highly recommend it!

    thumb Puja

      really fun way to bond with friends and learn something while doing something constructive during quarantine.

    thumb Devin

      So fun and the drinks were amazing! Highly recommend for a great and informative virtual experience.

    thumb Hailey

      A very fun experience and the host was wonderful.

    thumb Brianna

      Lovely evening with old friends. Learned interesting facts about the delicious drinks we were making and had a lovely time!

    thumb Molly

      We had a great time doing this master class for our anniversary. We learned so much about mezcal and how to mix drinks like an expert. Great way to feel like you're able to travel even in the middle of a pandemic!

    thumb Keren

      The experience was honestly amazing! I chose this for a date night activity and it exceeded my expectations. Ana was extremely knowledgable and personable. I cannot wait to visit Mexico City to seal the deal with an in-person tasting.

    thumb Kalli

      We had so much fun at the class. David was our host and he was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He did a great job answering questions, suggesting different tips for recipes, etc. The drinks were delicious and I'm happy to have the recipes in our repertoire. We also came out of it with some great resources in terms of suggested brands of tequilas and mezcals, where to find them, and copies of the recipes we made. Definitely recommend this class.

    thumb Leigh