El Salón

Colonia Juárez, Ciudad de México

Experiencia Online

Únete a nuestro Mezcal y Tequila Cocktail Masterclass y toma un viaje sensorial al corazón de la cultura mexicana.

Estarás guiado a través de la creación de dos a tres cócteles distintos de mezcal y tequila mientras aprendes sobre los perfiles de sabor y la importancia cultural de los ingredientes que usarás. Una oportunidad única de tener nuestro equipo premiado de mixología en tu propia casa!

Salón Rosario

Colonia Roma Norte, Ciudad de México

Experiencias Presenciales

Somos anfitriones de los mejores Airbnb Experiencias en la Ciudad de México, en tres sedes distintos incluyendo nuestro propio salón de degustaciones, El Salón más el Salón Rosario y Los Románticos.

Actualmente todas nuestras Experiencias están en pausa debido a la pandemia. Mientras tanto, no dudas en reservar nuestro Mezcal y Tequila Cocktail Masterclass en linea!

El Salón, Col. Juárez

Salón Rosario, Col. Roma Norte

Los Románticos, Col. Juárez

Los Románticos

Colonia Juárez, Ciudad de México

Nuestras Reseñas

  •   Amazing experience!

    thumb Joe

      Myself and 4 other friends did Mezcal tasting here and it was a great experience! Highly recommend!

    thumb Emma

      Loved this experience! What a great way of bringing a bar and a little bit of Mexico to your home. It did feel a bit like traveling, being able to interact with the bartender and getting updates how things are in Mexico City. Recipes were delicious and our group had a ton of fun 🙂

    thumb Joanna

      Very fun!

    thumb Angela

      Great way to get together with a group during the pandemic!

    thumb Alice

      Liza was an incredible bartender and teacher. The drinks we made were delicious and we learned so much about not only how to make the drinks again, but how to tailor them to your preferences or the ingredients you have on hand (and the differences between blanco and reposado tequila or mezcal in various cocktails). Highly recommend!

    thumb Michael

      Even though I wish we could have been in Mexico City learning about Mezcal, doing it on zoom with friends was so much fun and just made we want to go to Mexico City as soon as possible.

    thumb Susan

      Anna is a very knowledgeable and passionate mezcal and tequila mixologist.
    Teaching our masterclass from her bar in Mexico City, she taught us the importance of layering flavors with Mezcal to make cocktails that emphasized our own personal flavor palette. She instructed us on how to layer fruits, herbs and spices with mezcal, making sophisticated and delicious cocktails. Anna showed us how to use bar tools and gave us easy substitutions that could be used if we didn't have certain tools at home. She was engaging, interactive and enthusiastic with all the participants. Anna checked in with each of us to see how they are doing, as well as asking for our thoughts about each cocktail. In addition, she suggested alternative ingredients that could be substituted, providing us with an even larger cocktail recipe collection.
    We thoroughly enjoyed our mezcal mixology class with Anna!

    thumb Chelsey

      Sadie was an AMAZING host. Extremely informative of the process and in how to edit the recipes based on different situations. I enjoyed this experience very much, and I would recommend it to others.

    thumb Gerald
  •   Wow wow wow!! Did this experience for me and my colleagues and it was perfect. The hosts were incredibly kind and welcoming, patient with folks tired from meetings all day, and so energetic and excited. The music was a perfect touch. Loved it all!

    thumb Mfundo

      We loved our ladies Mezcal class. Anna and Sofia were so much fun. Anna really knew they history of Mezcal and answered all of our questions. It felt like we were all in person talking to each other at the bar. Would definitely do this class again!!!!

    thumb Kimber

      Great event for team bonding!

    thumb Edy

      Fun way to bond with the team. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge of Mezcal with us!

    thumb Bonnie

      This class was so much fun. The host was warm and inviting and the cocktails were DELICIOUS!

    thumb ShaTerra

      Ana was incredible, and the experience was really fun. We booked it for a work team event and couldn't be more excited and grateful for how personable and engaging the experience was. The drinks were delicious and Ana was an awesome, warm, funny and incredibly knowledgeable virtual host. Would give them 6 stars if I could!

    thumb Josh

      Gave this as a Father’s Day gift and we loved it. Katri and Hardey were very insightful and friendly and the recipes were delicious. Definitely will be using this as my go-to tequila recipes.

    thumb Anthony

      I had so much fun. Definitely recommend. The cocktail recipes are amazing. Bartender was super friendly and instructions were clear.

    thumb Aldo

      Lots of fun!

    thumb Karl
  •   My husband and I attended this event as a pandemic date-night from home. Our host was super friendly and d
    So knowledgeable about Mezcal, spirits, and culinary flavors in general. She answered questions, worked with the ingredients everyone had on hand, made expert suggestions, and really taught us how to journey into the craft of drink making in the future. We had such an awesome time - this was a real treat!

    thumb Aisha

      So much fun! Katri & Hardey were able to customize each persons experience with different suggestions/ingredients based on the participants’ tastes. They were clearly knowledgeable and shared their excitement with us!

    thumb Meghan

      It was an awesome experience that my whole family enjoyed!

    thumb Brandon

      This was such a great experience! I booked this for a work happy hour and we all had so much fun. The drinks we made were so good and I cannot wait to continue to make them for friends and family. Our bartender was so knowledgeable and super funny. We’d definitely book again!

    thumb Megan

      I surprised my husband with this class for his birthday and it was a wonderful experience! We had a great time and the hosts were wonderful! Can't wait to visit them in Mexico City!

    My only suggestion is to ask about the ingredient list ahead of time- I ended up buying a lot of things I didn't use. There were also some ingredients that weren't on the list but were needed during the demo.

    thumb Sarah

      Liza was a great host! My boyfriend and I had a great time learning tips for making cocktails and loved the recipes used in class. Liza was very accommodating with what ingredients we had on hand and gave great recommendations. The aguachile inspired margarita is my new favorite!

    thumb Kate

      The class was fun, informative, and the drinks were excellent - highly recommend!

    thumb Fiona

      This was an awesome experience! I learned SO MUCH about tequila and mezcal that I would never have known! Highly recommend.

    thumb Kendall

      Great experience!!!

    thumb Adrian
  •   Who knew that a Margarita could be so flavorful with a touch spice and citrus (and not syrupy sweet as we find it in the US)? Or that a simple mezcal tonic could taste (and smell) so divine? This class is the real deal. It’s an authentic introduction to understanding the flavors that go into making these classic cocktails by the best baristas in Mexico. David was exceptional. He really gave us permission to experiment. Highly recommend it!

    thumb Puja

      We did this as a team activity for a team of ten. All of us really enjoyed it and felt inspired to try out more cocktails at home!
    Sade kept it quite interactive and made sure everyone felt included and engaged throughout the experience.

    thumb Shalmali

      This cocktail class was great! David made sure that he explained each step of making the cocktail and provided tips on how we could change things up. He also gave us personal tips for our own preferences. We had an amazing time and feel like we could make some killer cocktails!

    thumb Lita

      This was an amazing experience, we learned so much about Mezcal! It really made us want to explore the world of Mezcal and hopefully visit Mexico sometime!

    thumb Rob

      Great class with a great bartender!

    thumb Meghan

      This an amazing experience. From learning some history about tequila/ mezcal to mixing drinks. Great explanation throughout the class and the drinks created were amazing. I would definitely take another class with them.

    thumb Blaine

      So fantastic - was the perfect choice for my husband's birthday! Ana is so knowledgeable and genuine, great experience and left with so many new ideas for cocktails!

    thumb Hannah

      Do not hesitate to take this class! This was such a fun way to spend a Saturday night in locked-down NYC. I’ve never been good at making drinks on my own and Ana and Gaby’s instruction was clear and easy and they managed to include every single person in the class along the way. I used to live in Mexico City and really miss it so if I get to go back soon I would likely check in on them and ask for their suggestions of where to eat and drink bc it’s clear they know what they are talking about. Thanks guys for a very fun evening. I’m feeling it this morning which is the best sign of a good time!

    thumb Laura

      My husband and I did this experience for date night recently and had so much fun! We are pretty experienced at making cocktails at home, but we absolutely learned a lot from this class, even discovering a new favorite cocktail! Thanks so much!

    thumb Ali
  •   Date night winner! Just do it. They are amazing. We learned a lot and had a blast taking this class!

    thumb Nicholas

      Really awesome experience that I would highly recommend! It was a fun way to both go out and learn about mezcal.

    thumb Adam

      Super fun class! Learned how to make three super tasty drinks that I absolutely plan to make for friends in the future. Both of the hosts were kind and thoughtful, and took time to get to know us and cater to our individual homes and ingredients. Would strongly recommend!

    thumb Ankit

      We had so much fun. Just FYI make sure to get all the ingredients including the ones listed as optional. Especially The tonic! So fun though! Definitely recommend!

    thumb Amanda

      Great Experience and tons of fun. Be sure to grab everything on the list as it made our experience extra fun and it made our drinks incredibly delicious!

    thumb Brittania

      Such a great experience. The drinks were customized to each person and the atmosphere was super comfortable.

    thumb Dianna

      This was amazing! We did a private event for a surprise party for my boyfriend and everyone had such a wonderful time. Sade was amazing in leading the drinks and engaging, and Katri was so helpful throughout the entire planning process. Can't recommend them enough!

    thumb Chase

      Ana was THE BEST! It was such a wonderful experience and I would definitely do this again. Learned a lot about mezcal while also making some wonderful cocktails. Can't wait to do this again!

    thumb Claire

      Fantastic experience!!

    thumb Sarah
  •   We had a great time in the class! Really nice atmosphere and the teacher was great at explaining concepts, making it a fun/comfortable environment, and helping us personalize our drinks a bit to our liking. And the drinks were delicious! I can’t wait to use these skills at home to make drinks on my own.

    thumb Carmelle

      We had a great experience with David! We learned how to make a bunch of new cocktails, but also left feeling like we had an intimate experience with new people and a new culture. Especially during COVID we miss meeting new people and traveling and this class gave us an opportunity to get as close to Mexico City as we could. I look forward to sharing these recipes as we entertain with friends and family and one day getting to David's tasting room for an in person experience. Thank you!

    thumb Shannon

      We loved it!!

    thumb Jillian

      The experience was honestly amazing! I chose this for a date night activity and it exceeded my expectations. Ana was extremely knowledgable and personable. I cannot wait to visit Mexico City to seal the deal with an in-person tasting.

    thumb Kalli

      Super fun class

    thumb Chau

      Booked the tequila cocktail making class for our team’s virtual year-end celebration. It was absolutely wonderful! Everyone learned a lot, the drinks were delicious, and it was the perfect way to bond 2020-style! Thanks!

    thumb Lillian

      Ana was a superb host! I could tell we all enjoyed her stories, her warmth, and her passion for the art of making drinks 🙂

    thumb Tiffany

      This was a wonderful date night experience. The cocktails were unique and delicious! Host was engaging and directions were easy to follow. We really loved the experience and would definitely take another class with this host

    thumb Kirstin

      Great experience!

    thumb Stephen
  •   We did this for a work team building experience and it was great. Ana brought everybody in and also created some excellent cocktails.

    thumb Becky

      David was great! Really knowledgeable about his drinks and I learned a lot.

    thumb Krystal

      The setting gives a real sense of place. Katri put the emphasis on adaptive, hands-on teaching, working with your skills at any level, and your equipment and supplies. The approach to cocktail-making emphasizes innovation and creativity, as well as balance of flavors. I was given skills beyond the specific recipes we worked on together. Very fun!!!

    thumb Terry

      i invited my Dad along for Father's Day, we made three delicious cocktails that I can't wait to make more of at home, and learned a bunch about the history of mezcal/tequila. Would highly recommend!

    thumb Leinaala

      Enjoyed learning more about Mezcal liquor vs Tequila and the unique cocktails we made. I felt like a bartender. We had a great time! And definitely recommend.

    thumb LillyAnna

      I really enjoyed the cocktail making class! It was a great way to spend an evening with coworkers and get to try a bunch of tasty drinks!

    thumb Peter

      This was so fun! We did it for my boyfriends birthday and Sade surprised him with a special bday song and cake/candle (such a thoughtful touch!). We also learned a lot! Highly recommend for groups couples or even a solo experience

    thumb Jenna

      This was a really fun experience. Our host was super knowledgeable about Mezcal & Tequila and responded to all of our questions. And the drinks were great! Highly recommend!

    thumb Nicole

      It was a lot of fun. We would do it again and hope to be able to share cocktails in person with David on our next trip to Mexico City.

    thumb Matthew
  •   Super fun experience at home! Informative, fabulous, and delicious all at the same time - couldn’t recommend more...especially if you have David for a bartender 🙂 muchas gracias!

    thumb Emma

      Such a great event! We learned a lot from David, got to have tasty cocktails, and he made time for us to chat and catch up

    thumb Bethany

      Amazing experience!

    thumb Steven

      We had such a fun evening with friends! We learned so much, and the cocktails were delicious. It felt like we were transported to a bar in Mexico City for an hour. She was really flexible as well in adapting to ingredients we had on hand. What a great experience I highly recommend it!

    thumb Brittany

      I was initially hesitant to sign up for this experience because I had just done something similar in Oaxaca the week before and figured this would mostly be a rehash of what I had just learned. I couldn't have been more wrong. I'm SO glad I took the chance on this and I would recommend it to anyone, whether you've just heard of mezcal for the first time or you've been drinking it for years.

    To start, El Salón is a fantastic environment to taste. It's very well designed, clean, intimate and comfortable. The mezcal itself is special too. Each mezcal we tasted was unique and delicious, as I expected, but they were also from remarkably small batches. These are not bottles you're likely to find anywhere else, and I'm glad to say their bottle prices really don't do justice to their rarity or quality.

    The part that really made this experience special, though--especially after considering my previous tasting--was the host.
    I was blown away not only by Ana's knowledge of mezcal and the culture surrounding it, but also by her genuine passion of the subject. You can tell immediately she isn't just there to do a job, but to share this passion with others. No matter what random question I came up with she seemed to have not only an answer, but a story and a thoughtful perspective to share.

    Again, can't recommend it enough.

    thumb Alex

      Fun activity for a group! Great way to kick off a night or elevate a group zoom-drinks.

    thumb Nate

      We booked a small private class for a birthday celebration and had a fantastic time with David. We made delicious, easy-to-remember cocktails, shared stories and had a unique experience from the comfort and safety of our own home. We can't wait to visit someday in-person!

    thumb Morgan

      Fun experience. Learned a lot about the history and origins of Tequila !! Delicious . Drinks we made are easily done independently..which is great. We really enjoyed .

    thumb Sue

      It was a really good experience

    thumb Tom
  •   This was a wonderful experience, so professional and informative yet fun and relaxed! My team had a great time, and everyone agreed it well surpassed expectations! Thank you for such a memorable virtual holiday party!

    thumb Christine

      This was a great experience and I would definitely do another one and try to learn different drinks.

    thumb Emily

      This was such a fun experience, especially during a pandemic! I enjoyed learning more about tequila, mezcal, and the art of making a delicious cocktail. David was a wonderful instructor - he was warm, friendly, and made sure to personalize the drink recipes based on what ingredients people had. Definitely recommend this experience for anyone who likes tequila and is looking for something new and fun to do!

    thumb Kasey

      Katri & Hardey set up a super fun private cocktail making party for us all the way in Asia, and it couldn’t have been better!!! Delicious drinks, great info and storytelling where we learned about mezcal and tequila as if we were there! We were well prepared thanks to the info ahead of time too. I really enjoyed the personalised bits from the host about her favorite mezcal and tequila/mezcal regions of Mexico... what a great way to celebrate my birthday!!!

    thumb Katharine

      Ana was your host and she was AMAZING! This is definitely a memorable experience. This was also our first online, "make a drink" experience, and it was so much fun. Thank you for hosting Ana!

    thumb Emile

      Thanks, Ana, we had a blast! You taught us so much. The recipes and technique: so good!

    thumb Chris

      The experience was quite fun, our host was knowledgeable and had great cocktails lined up for us to make.

    thumb Damian

      Some friends and I joined this class and had a great time with Sade. The drinks were delicious!

    thumb Oriana

      We had so much fun at the class. David was our host and he was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He did a great job answering questions, suggesting different tips for recipes, etc. The drinks were delicious and I'm happy to have the recipes in our repertoire. We also came out of it with some great resources in terms of suggested brands of tequilas and mezcals, where to find them, and copies of the recipes we made. Definitely recommend this class.

    thumb Leigh
  •   This was such a great experience! Ana was so fun and personable as well as knowledgeable and entertaining. This was my first Airbnb experience and it blew all of my expectations! Highly recommend!

    thumb Krista

      We really enjoyed this experience! It was a lot of fun to experience the culture and learn how to make some tasty drinks!

    thumb Alan

      Fabulous team bonding event! Recommend Sade

    thumb Bailey

      David was great! My whole team enjoyed the personalized experience and I'd definitely recommend this for a team bonding event

    thumb Vish

      Ana was a great host and made it super easy to mix drinks with the ingredients that we all had on hand. It was a lot of fun and she provided great insight/info into mezcal!

    thumb Christopher

      Awesome class! Our group had a great time and everyone loved the cocktails! Ana was a great host and gave really good instruction and was very engaging!

    thumb Nick

      This experience was super fun! We loved every moment thank you

    thumb Tim & Sondra

      Thanks so much for a great class! Everyone really enjoyed it and it was a great way to bring people together during this time.

    thumb Frances

      I celebrated my birthday with friends and family making mezcal cocktails, this was GREAT

    thumb Nohemi