Somos anfitriones de los mejores  Experiencias en la Ciudad de México, en tres sedes distintos: El Salón, Salón Rosario y Los Románticos.

También tenemos una Experiencia Online…

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Degustación de Mezcal

El Salón, Versalles 94, Colonia Juárez, Ciudad de México

Degustación de Mezcal

Esta actividad comienza con un encuentro con lo mejor de la cultura mezcalera. Uno de nuestros expertos invita a probar una selección especial de nuestros mejores espirituosos. La degustación se lleva a cabo en El Salón, un espacio único, íntimo, acogedor y con una atmósfera increíble en la Colonia Juárez.

Esta Experiencia esta perfecto para pequeños grupos de amigos, familia o colegas hasta 6 personas, buscando una noche privado, diferente, tranquilo y inolvidable para cualquier ocasión! También podemos atender grupos privados más grandes, hasta 12 personas, en nuestro sede, Salón Rosario, en la Colonia Roma Norte.

Toma en cuenta que no ofrecemos comida en la degustación entonces recomendamos venir preparados.

El Salón
Versalles 94 int 1A
Colonia Juárez
Ciudad de México

Degustación de Mezcal

Mezcal Mixology Masterclass

Salón Rosario, Puebla 71, Colonia Roma Norte, Ciudad de México

Mezcal Mixology Masterclass

Un verdadero Masterclass de mixología mexicana, un viaje sensorial a través de la creación de 2 a 3 cócteles utilizando el elixir mexicano más puro ~ el mezcal. Aprenderás sobre las capas de sabores y el significado cultural de los ingredientes que usarás. Si te gustan los cocktails picantes, esto es para ti. También, para aquellos que prefieren bebidas sin alcohol, esta es una gran opción para crear bebidas exóticas.

Guiado por nuestro experto y galardonados equipo de mixología, aprenderás sobre el origen y proceso de producción de nuestros espirituosos, además de historias íntimas de nuestros viajes y exploraciones, y descubrirás muchos secretos detrás de las barras de Mexico.

Una experiencia única, divertida y súper enriquecedora!

La experiencia se lleva a cabo en nuestro hermoso Salón Rosario, un espacio increíble ubicado en la carismática y céntrica Colonia Roma Norte donde tenemos capacidad para grupos de 8 personas. ¡Únete a nosotros!

No tenemos un código de vestimenta.

Salón Rosario
Puebla 71 int 1
Colonia Roma Norte
Ciudad de México

Mezcal y Tequila Cocktail Masterclass Online

¡En tu casa!

Mezcal y Tequila Cocktail Masterclass Online

¡Vuela a México en tu mente! Esta Experiencia es mucho más que una clase de coctelería, se trata de un viaje sensorial al corazón de la cultura culinaria de México. Te guiáremos a través de la creación de dos a cuatro cócteles distintos de mezcal/tequila mientras aprendes sobre los perfiles de sabor y la importancia cultural de los ingredientes que usarás. Esta es una oportunidad única para tener bartenders carismáticos y conocedores en la privacidad de su propia casa con nuestro equipo de mixólogos bilingües, galardonados y de clase mundial.

Esta Experiencia es ideal para grupos privados queriendo reunirse, ya sea que estés celebrando con tu familia, amigos o compañeros de trabajo, nos encantaría ser tus anfitriones. Ofrecemos descuentos especiales a grupos de mas de 10 personas, y podemos tener hasta 500 conexiones. Para estas experiencias privadas podemos desarrollar opciones especificas (sabores y cocteles) de acuerdo a las preferencias del grupo.

Karaoke Privado y Cocktails

Los Románticos, Versalles 94, Colonia Juárez, Ciudad de México

Karaoke Privado y Cocktails

Conocerás Los Románticos, el primer ‘Karaoke y Cocktail Lab’ de la ciudad! Un lugar secreto, íntimo, ideal para probar bebidas extravagantes con ingredientes muy mexicanos. Aprenderás los pasos básicos de la coctelería y de la cultura mezcalera, mientras cantas tu música favorita, desde la época romántica mexicana hasta Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi, Daddy Yankee o lo que a ti te mueva el corazón! Una de nuestros apasionadas bartenders te acompañará en esta vibrante noche. Música y mixología en un lugar único para llevarte un pedacito de México en el corazón. Contamos con una capacidad máxima de 10 personas.

Esta Experiencia esta perfecto para grupos privados de amigos, familia o colegas buscando una noche íntimo, divertido, diferente y inolvidable para celebrar cualquier ocasión!

Los Románticos
Versalles 94 int 1A
Colonia Juárez
Ciudad de México

Nuestras Reseñas

  •   This was such a fun team activity, and we all agree we will be using the recipes we learned again in the near future.

    thumb Molly

      In this experience, I learned how easy it is to expertly make the exact kind of cocktails I like to drink. When I travel to CDMX, their tasting room/bar will be top of the list to visit.

    thumb Amelia

      Great experience!

    thumb Stephen

      This was such a fun experience! They really knew their stuff and shared fun facts about mezcal and cocktail creations! The drinks were easy to create, with ingredients that were not difficult or expensive to find. Definitely recommend!

    thumb Lexy

      We did this as a team activity for a team of ten. All of us really enjoyed it and felt inspired to try out more cocktails at home!
    Sade kept it quite interactive and made sure everyone felt included and engaged throughout the experience.

    thumb Shalmali

      What a great way to bring people together and learn new things.

    thumb Thomas

      Great experience!

    thumb Denise

      My husband and I attended this event as a pandemic date-night from home. Our host was super friendly and d
    So knowledgeable about Mezcal, spirits, and culinary flavors in general. She answered questions, worked with the ingredients everyone had on hand, made expert suggestions, and really taught us how to journey into the craft of drink making in the future. We had such an awesome time - this was a real treat!

    thumb Aisha

      Amazing experience!

    thumb Rana
  •   This experience was great!! We learned so much and our host really simplified the process of making great tequila cocktails! The spicy margarita was incredible and we will definitely be making it again! We loved the flexibility of the recipes, it really makes you feel like you can use what you have on hand and still make a great cocktail. Our host David had great energy and made the class fun. Definitely would recommend this experience!

    thumb Lara

      This experience was just incredible!! Their employee Ana conducted the tasting and her passion for mezcal was incredible. We had 4 total in our group. It was incredibly personal as we got to know each other and Ana taught us everything she could about mezcal tasting. Thank you beyond words for a wonderful time!!! I can’t recommend this enough!!

    thumb Taylor

      Really fun session! Some great foundational takeaways for the future. Sade was very personable, accessible, skilled, and hilarious through the entire experience!

    thumb Oscar

      Such a fun experience! Highly recommend!

    thumb Christine

      Everything was good. I liked the background information the most!

    thumb Seid

      We joined the Masterclass for a team event and it couldn't have gone better! Every single person in our group of 12 had an absolute blast with our personal bartender Ana! From the beginning, the hosts made sure we were well prepared and knew what to expect including a detailed ingredient list and even recommendations on brands! They were also thoughtful for the few in our group who didn't drink but still followed along for fun to make delicious mocktails.

    The recipes themselves were outstanding! We made 3 drinks in all but each had their own unique flavor profile that would be approachable to anyone. And Ana was patient as she walked our group through every step of the process. In addition to fantastic drinks we were also served with some interesting background on the spirits, the bar, and other fun facts.

    All in all everyone had an amazing time and would absolutely do this again. Can't recommend highly enough!

    thumb James

      Such a fun experience - great date night! Highly recommend!

    thumb Kristy

      Ana was a superb host! I could tell we all enjoyed her stories, her warmth, and her passion for the art of making drinks 🙂

    thumb Tiffany

      David was our host and he was excellent! So nice and patient helping us step by step as we made our cocktails, which were amazing.
    We booked this for a team activity/birthday celebration and we all enjoyed it. I’d definitely recommend for a group activity. Thank you!

    thumb Jennifer
  •   The setting gives a real sense of place. Katri put the emphasis on adaptive, hands-on teaching, working with your skills at any level, and your equipment and supplies. The approach to cocktail-making emphasizes innovation and creativity, as well as balance of flavors. I was given skills beyond the specific recipes we worked on together. Very fun!!!

    thumb Terry

      My wife and I booked this experience for date night and it was everything we hoped for and more. Sade was our host and she was super friendly and fun and took the time make sure we had a wonderful experience. If there was a complaint to be had it's only that airbnb doesn't seem to have an option for a tip because the experience was so good we felt compelled to do so.

    thumb Joshua

      Learned a ton!

    thumb Kristal

      David (barman) was fantastic. Great online experience and learned some new tips

    thumb David

      This was a blast! Ana was the best host.

    I purchased this for my boyfriends birthday and we had the best time. 10/10 recommend.

    thumb Alyson

      fantastic experience - will book again!

    thumb Molly

      We received this as a gift and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Felt very connected to Sofia & Jimena. Truly fun experience!

    thumb Debbie

      She taught us how to make several different cocktails with fresh ingredients

    thumb Maggie

      This class was lots of fun and I will definitely be making these cocktails again.

    thumb Diana
  •   Fun experience and I learned a lot!

    thumb Marnette

      Who knew that a Margarita could be so flavorful with a touch spice and citrus (and not syrupy sweet as we find it in the US)? Or that a simple mezcal tonic could taste (and smell) so divine? This class is the real deal. It’s an authentic introduction to understanding the flavors that go into making these classic cocktails by the best baristas in Mexico. David was exceptional. He really gave us permission to experiment. Highly recommend it!

    thumb Puja

      We had such a fun evening with friends! We learned so much, and the cocktails were delicious. It felt like we were transported to a bar in Mexico City for an hour. She was really flexible as well in adapting to ingredients we had on hand. What a great experience I highly recommend it!

    thumb Brittany

      This cocktail class was great! David made sure that he explained each step of making the cocktail and provided tips on how we could change things up. He also gave us personal tips for our own preferences. We had an amazing time and feel like we could make some killer cocktails!

    thumb Lita

      Get Tequila and Mezcal!

    thumb Jordan

      Such a great experience, learned to make 3 amazing cocktails that were so delicious. Cant wait to share them with family and friends.

    thumb Gabriela

      We booked this online experience with some work colleagues for team building. Not everyone on our team drinks alcohol, but they were able to make delicious mocktails following all the same steps as us, but using tonic water instead of alcohol. It was also great for everyone to learn about the culture and history of tequila and mezcal. I recommend this experience even if you don't like mezcal, because you can make the drinks with tequila instead, or you can try them with mezcal and realize mezcal is delicious. Salud! 🙂

    thumb Deanna

      Fantastic class! David was personable, engaging, and knowledgable. He created a great atmosphere and taught us how to make some great mezcal cocktails!

    thumb Charles

      This class was so fun! I didn't get it together to get ingredients to actually make the cocktails but took 4 pages of notes. Had a great time and really learned alot. Thanks!

    thumb Patty
  •   Wow wow wow!! Did this experience for me and my colleagues and it was perfect. The hosts were incredibly kind and welcoming, patient with folks tired from meetings all day, and so energetic and excited. The music was a perfect touch. Loved it all!

    thumb Mfundo

      Loved our class with Sade, very interactive and loved learning how to make use of the ingredients we had on hand!

    thumb Samantha

      Very well thought out experience. The bartender was very willing to cater recipes to what you had on hand, so cocktails were personalized to you. Highly recommend this class!

    thumb Xavier

      We had an awesome time with Ana. She was super fun and and expert mixologist. She walked us through history and details of making amazing cocktails that we will keep making!

    thumb John

      Such a fun experience! David was very knowledgeable and personable, and we loved the unique and delicious cocktails he taught us. We'll definitely be making them again.

    thumb Nicole

      It was a fun experience loved the drinks and the stories behind them. She opened our eyes and our palets to some new horizons.

    thumb Stephy

      We were the only two in our class so it ended up being a very personalized experience. We made three cocktails—all delicious—and learned about tequila and Mezcal. We got extra tips and ideas as well, along with a great recommendation on an app to download. I haven’t received the recipes yet but it’s only been about an hour since the class, so we look forward to getting them. A fun afternoon that will set us up for great parties this summer.

    thumb Esther

      My boyfriend and I had an awesome time with Ana! Ana was so personable and knowledgeable about mezcal and tequila, even my boyfriend (who is a self-proclaimed cocktail aficionado) learned more about the drinks we were making - while I (practically oblivious to the cocktail world) still found the information easy to take in. This is perfect for all cocktail experience levels. I appreciate that Ana was so attentive to our needs, making sure every step of the way that we were on the same page and were consuming safely. During the experience, I especially appreciated hearing Ana's stories while some fun music played in the background, it almost felt like being in a bar! Excellent experience, I look forward to visiting Ana's bar in-person in the future!

    thumb Lindsey

      The class was great and the cocktails even better - so delicious!

    thumb Katherine
  •   So much fun! My wife and I loved it. We celebrated our 36 year!! first date. Our host was cute and fun and knowledgeable. We learned new drink making tips. Highly recommend!!!

    thumb Adam

      We had a wonderful time learning how to mix cocktails with Katri & Hardey. They were super enthusiastic and created a really fun experience for our group of friends. Each drink that we made was delicious. We will definitely me using our new-found mixology skills at home!

    thumb Julie

      Such a great date night!

    thumb Crystal

      Tasty cocktails

    thumb David

      Great team bonding event!

    thumb Ellen

      Such a unique date night idea! They were super fun & knowledgeable and we got some great drink recipes to use for the future. So much fun!

    thumb Caitlin

      Our class was led by David, and he did a great job teaching us all about Mezcal and how to build delicious cocktails using it. The most memorable drink we made was an avocado margarita, which is not something I would have expected but was surprisingly very tasty!

    David did a great job customizing the experience based on our tastes and what ingredients we had. We never felt too rushed enjoyed all of the cocktails we made. Overall the class was a lot of fun and would definitely recommend this experience!

    thumb Kyle

      A fun team event, preparing our own tequila/mezcal cocktails. The hosts did a great job of connecting with each of us, providing tips and stories throughout. The cocktails were delicious!

    thumb Jorge

      Anna is an AMAZING teacher and story teller. We learned so much about the culture, history, and variety of tequila & mezcal. Highly recommend!

    thumb David
  •   We had a great time and really enjoyed learning how each ingredient brings an element to the drink. Would definitely recommend!

    thumb Neha

      Mezcal & Tequila Experience of a Lifetime! We didn’t know we what to expect out of a virtual DIY Cocktail experience, but our night with Katri & Hardey was a blast, left us feel like pro bartenders (drinks were delish!) as well as knowledgeable on the topic! Overall, I’d highly recommend this for anyone interested in a fun activity!

    thumb Jenn

      My husband and I each participated and made our own unique drinks. They were absolutely delicious! We even made one on our own to enjoy after the presentation. It was great to learn how to make drinks with fresh ingredients. Not all of the participants had the same ingredients but Ana made it easy to improvise to make a beautifully layered Mezcal or Tequila drink.

    thumb Lynn

      Very interactive and easy to follow! Don’t be scared by the long list of ingredients, the host helps you to make the best drink possible with what you have!

    thumb Emma

      This was such a fun experience! David made the class very fun, educational, and easy to follow along. would definitely recommend to anyone interested in learning more about mezcal and tequila cocktails!

    thumb Paayal

      When in Mexico City, you have to experience this Mezcal tasting. My friend and I had a great time. Our host was very knowledgeable on the history and process of Mezcal. She gave us personal stories in regards to Mezcal and she was hilarious and warm welcoming. It’s a great experience and just intimate enough to not be overwhelming with too many people (7 seats). We had a great time and would totally do it again! We even made friends with some of the other guests and ate tacos after!

    thumb Leilani

      Excellent, low-key time where all you do is make cocktails. No gimmicks, just drinks.

    thumb Rob

      This was a really fun experience. Our host was super knowledgeable about Mezcal & Tequila and responded to all of our questions. And the drinks were great! Highly recommend!

    thumb Nicole

      really fun way to bond with friends and learn something while doing something constructive during quarantine.

    thumb Devin
  •   Fabulous team bonding event! Recommend Sade

    thumb Bailey

      The experience was amazing! I did this with a work team and it was great. Ana customized the instructions for each of us and adapted the recipe based on the ingredients everyone had. Ana did a great job of explaining each step in detail and gave us interesting insights about each drink. The drinks were also amazing!!! I'd definitely recommend for a group of friends, family, or work team.

    thumb Sarah

      This was lovely! We were able to make 3 delicious cocktails (and I’m not even typically a Mezcal fan depending on the bartender), and share some laughs with people. The two bartenders were fun, insightful, and genuine.

    thumb Brittany & Melissa

      Had a lovely time with new and old friends making delicious cocktails. Sade was super friendly! Thanks!

    thumb Martha

      So much fun! Katri & Hardey were able to customize each persons experience with different suggestions/ingredients based on the participants’ tastes. They were clearly knowledgeable and shared their excitement with us!

    thumb Meghan

      I really appreciated her knowledge of the subject.

    thumb Corrina

      Sade was amazing and super engaging. She really made sure to tailor the experience to what made sense for our group. She was fun and insightful and made sure everyone was included.

    thumb Jessielyn

      Ana was adorable, fun, intelligent, knowledgeable, and just the kind of person you want to spend your Friday night with. I walked away from the class feeling more knowledgeable about mezcal and tequila, with a few great cocktail recipes, and feeling happier and lighter (combination of the tequila/mezcal and Ana’s infectious smile).

    thumb Andrea

      Fun way to bond with the team. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge of Mezcal with us!

    thumb Bonnie
  •   We loved the Mezcal tasting! It made our stay-at-home Valentines Day very fun. We learned some fun facts and great recipes that we will definitely make again.

    thumb Scott And Paula

      Thank for having us, it was amazing for team bonding!

    thumb Sereyvathana

      So much fun! It really exceeded my expectations.

    thumb Erin

      Ana was great! Super sweet and fun! So glad I was invited to this, we made some very tasty cocktails!

    thumb Jessica

      Myself and 4 other friends did Mezcal tasting here and it was a great experience! Highly recommend!

    thumb Emma

      Fun birthday party!

    thumb Melissa

      Ana was a wonderful host. We felt her passion and excitement through the screen and really enjoyed our time learning about mezcal and tequila cocktails. Ana took the time to check in to make sure we were following along and personalized the recipes for our preferences. Thank you for a lovely class Ana!

    thumb Caroline

      We had a larger size group and everyone really enjoyed the experience! They gave several options on ingredients and garnishes so people were able to customize their drinks to their liking. I received a lot of good feedback from our guests about how they enjoyed the experience. It was a fun way to do something out of the "normal" routine!

    thumb Makenzie

      This was an awesome experience! I learned SO MUCH about tequila and mezcal that I would never have known! Highly recommend.

    thumb Kendall
  •   Anna was a great host, very friendly and answered all of our pesky questions. We really enjoyed making the cocktails from fresh ingredients and also enjoyed her sharing of knowledge about the making of mezcal and tequila and how to find quality spirits.

    thumb Nancy

      This was a wonderful date night experience. The cocktails were unique and delicious! Host was engaging and directions were easy to follow. We really loved the experience and would definitely take another class with this host

    thumb Kirstin

      We worked with Ana, not Katri and Hardi (?), but it was great! I really saw a spectrum of tequila's potential throughout this class! Ana was awesome- you could see her passion shine through 100%

    thumb Erin

      Because of coronavirus, one of my friends found this experience available online as a way to celebrate two friends' 30th birthdays. I was a little nervous it would be awkward since Zoom can be weird and it's hard to have conversations in a big group but it wasn't awkward at all! Ana and Jimena really kept the energy up and had music playing so it never got weirdly quiet. It was a nice way to do something fun with friends who live all over the US and that we can't visit right now, I'd definitely recommend for a group. Ana and Jimena shared what they know about mezcal and tequila as well as mixing drinks in general but it didn't feel like a boring class it was just making and tasting great cocktails. I will definitely be upgrading from my standard margarita to one of the cocktails they taught us how to make!

    thumb Carly

      We did this as a company event with about 8 people and it was incredible they could personalize to each of us. If you don't have the ingredients (even alcohol) they will make sure you are still able to build some incredible drinks. Great online experience!

    thumb Zach

      Ana was incredible, and the experience was really fun. We booked it for a work team event and couldn't be more excited and grateful for how personable and engaging the experience was. The drinks were delicious and Ana was an awesome, warm, funny and incredibly knowledgeable virtual host. Would give them 6 stars if I could!

    thumb Josh

      I thought this would be a fun cocktail experience - but it was so much more! I was blown away by their passion for the details and nuances of mezcal/tequila/Mexican history/agave lore, which was so special, and I loved getting fancy bartending tips, the little things that I can do at home to really impress friends. The drinks were delicious, and I loved the experience.

    thumb Shana

      Super fun class! Learned how to make three super tasty drinks that I absolutely plan to make for friends in the future. Both of the hosts were kind and thoughtful, and took time to get to know us and cater to our individual homes and ingredients. Would strongly recommend!

    thumb Ankit

      We did this for a work team building experience and it was great. Ana brought everybody in and also created some excellent cocktails.

    thumb Becky