El Salón

Colonia Juárez, Ciudad de México

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Únete a nuestro Mezcal y Tequila Cocktail Masterclass y toma un viaje sensorial al corazón de la cultura mexicana.

Estarás guiado a través de la creación de dos a tres cócteles distintos de mezcal y tequila mientras aprendes sobre los perfiles de sabor y la importancia cultural de los ingredientes que usarás. Una oportunidad única de tener nuestro equipo premiado de mixología en tu propia casa!

Salón Rosario

Colonia Roma Norte, Ciudad de México

Experiencias Presenciales

Somos anfitriones de los mejores Airbnb Experiencias en la Ciudad de México, en tres sedes distintos incluyendo nuestro propio salón de degustaciones, El Salón más el Salón Rosario y Los Románticos.

Actualmente todas nuestras Experiencias están en pausa debido a la pandemia. Mientras tanto, no dudas en reservar nuestro Mezcal y Tequila Cocktail Masterclass en linea!

El Salón, Col. Juárez

Salón Rosario, Col. Roma Norte

Los Románticos, Col. Juárez

Los Románticos

Colonia Juárez, Ciudad de México

Nuestras Reseñas

  •   Ana was amazing! I felt like I was sitting at her bar learning. Very interactive and personal. The time flew by.

    thumb Marissa

      Ana was a wonderful host. We felt her passion and excitement through the screen and really enjoyed our time learning about mezcal and tequila cocktails. Ana took the time to check in to make sure we were following along and personalized the recipes for our preferences. Thank you for a lovely class Ana!

    thumb Caroline

      This is a wonderful and fun experience. You will learn a lot about bar tending tricks along with information about tequila. The host made it really fun and interactive. I had a great time!

    thumb Sarah

      This was lovely! We were able to make 3 delicious cocktails (and I’m not even typically a Mezcal fan depending on the bartender), and share some laughs with people. The two bartenders were fun, insightful, and genuine.

    thumb Brittany & Melissa

      Fantastic way to spend an evening! Can't recommend enough

    thumb Jack

      i invited my Dad along for Father's Day, we made three delicious cocktails that I can't wait to make more of at home, and learned a bunch about the history of mezcal/tequila. Would highly recommend!

    thumb Leinaala

      Although we were scattered across the states for a birthday celebration, it felt like we were all in Mexico City together. We had such a great time, while also learning about how to make a few delish cocktails! Highly recommended.

    thumb Sam

      This course was fun and educational. Ana was amazing and detail orientated. She had a lot of insight on tequila and displayed a true passion. She welcomed feedback positive or negative. We truly enjoyed the course and hope to visit Ana in the future.

    thumb Esmeralda

      This is an intimate and lively experience that transports you to their bar in Mexico City. The bartenders draw in the entire group while sharing their knowledge of mezcal and tequila in a very accessible learning environment with amazing drinks. I highly recommend this experience if you are looking to drink, learn, and get to know great people. P.S. - If it is your birthday, prepare to take shots or keep it to yourself.

    thumb Christopher
  •   Anna was a great host, very friendly and answered all of our pesky questions. We really enjoyed making the cocktails from fresh ingredients and also enjoyed her sharing of knowledge about the making of mezcal and tequila and how to find quality spirits.

    thumb Nancy

      Fun activity for a group! Great way to kick off a night or elevate a group zoom-drinks.

    thumb Nate

      Very nice host and great tasting mescal! Another nice thing about this experience was that we were able to purchase high quality mescal afterwards that would have been difficult to find elsewhere.

    thumb Sebastian

      Super fun class! Learned how to make three super tasty drinks that I absolutely plan to make for friends in the future. Both of the hosts were kind and thoughtful, and took time to get to know us and cater to our individual homes and ingredients. Would strongly recommend!

    thumb Ankit

      Terrific! Great cocktails and learned a lot from Ana's storytelling

    thumb Roger

      What a fabulous cocktail party! Highly recommend!

    thumb Laurie

      Ana was THE BEST! It was such a wonderful experience and I would definitely do this again. Learned a lot about mezcal while also making some wonderful cocktails. Can't wait to do this again!

    thumb Claire

      loved the class and learned a lot about mezcal

    thumb Katherine

      We had an awesome time with Ana. She was super fun and and expert mixologist. She walked us through history and details of making amazing cocktails that we will keep making!

    thumb John
  •   We had so much fun tasting and learning about Mezcal. Katri taught us about all the different types of agaves used and shared with us photos of the process. We loved our time at this experience.

    thumb Moira

      If this experience is available for the day you’re looking for....book it. Hands down one of the best experiences on Airbnb that we’ve participated in!

    thumb Jeff

      So much fun! Katri & Hardey were able to customize each persons experience with different suggestions/ingredients based on the participants’ tastes. They were clearly knowledgeable and shared their excitement with us!

    thumb Meghan

      AWESOME DATE NIGHT!! - this is the perfect activity to do and this was 100x better than I even expected. Her knowledge was truly world-class and so interesting to know. We walked away more knowledgable, delighted and had so much fun!

    thumb Zaki

      Such a fun way to learn about Mezcal and also try a few new cocktails! I’m excited to try these recipes again on my own.

    thumb Kathryn

      The experience was honestly amazing! I chose this for a date night activity and it exceeded my expectations. Ana was extremely knowledgable and personable. I cannot wait to visit Mexico City to seal the deal with an in-person tasting.

    thumb Kalli

      Katri was an amazing host - she gave us tons of ideas and helped us work with the ingredients at hand. We learned how to make a few favorite new cocktails and made new friends!

    thumb Sree Anirudh

      I had a great time making cocktails with Ana. I got a lot of knowledge and tips of how to create original cocktails. I can’t wait to try them out

    thumb Janet

      In these crazy times, it was great to come together with some global friends and imbibe, make cocktails and celebrate mezcal.

    thumb Jacqueline
  •   Really awesome experience that I would highly recommend! It was a fun way to both go out and learn about mezcal.

    thumb Adam

      The class was fun, informative, and the drinks were excellent - highly recommend!

    thumb Fiona

      Great experience! Highly recommended for anyone interested in mezcal!

    thumb Evan

      This was an awesome experience! I learned SO MUCH about tequila and mezcal that I would never have known! Highly recommend.

    thumb Kendall

      This experience was just incredible!! Their employee Ana conducted the tasting and her passion for mezcal was incredible. We had 4 total in our group. It was incredibly personal as we got to know each other and Ana taught us everything she could about mezcal tasting. Thank you beyond words for a wonderful time!!! I can’t recommend this enough!!

    thumb Taylor

      We had a wonderful time, was so fun learning to make new and unique cocktails. Ana was knowledgeable and very easy to follow. Would definitely recommend and would do it again!

    thumb Korianne

      Ana has a deep passion for, and knowledge of, mezcal! She provided our class with great information that can only come from an industry insider. Along with learning the history of mezcal, Ana also walked us through how to make 3 unique types of drinks with mezcal that would have fit in well on the menu at a world-class cocktail bar.

    thumb Jared

      Awesome cocktail mixing learning experience!

    thumb Damien

      Ana welcomed us into her beautifully-stocked bar in Mexico City and made us all feel right at home -- just like any great bartender would do. She started by checking to see what ingredients we had to hand, and adjusted each recipe to suit what each of us had. The 90-minute class was a perfect introduction to mezcal and tequila; we got a mini masterclass in agave varieties, harvesting, preparation techniques, and how agave spirits differ from one region to the next. Ana was an absolute gem: totally passionate about her topic, flexible yet attentive to detail, and just so warm and kind. Honestly, one of the best social experiences I've had in 2020. Highly, highly recommended.

    thumb Lauren
  •   Amazing, personalized experience that is well worth the value! We learned three different cocktails, each with their own fun way of incorporating mezcal. I would definitely recommend having a full cocktail kit and the listed ingredients if possible, it definitely allows for a lot more playfulness in the kitchen.

    thumb Shaan

      Gave this as a Father’s Day gift and we loved it. Katri and Hardey were very insightful and friendly and the recipes were delicious. Definitely will be using this as my go-to tequila recipes.

    thumb Anthony

      great experience, highly recommend

    thumb Max

      Date night winner! Just do it. They are amazing. We learned a lot and had a blast taking this class!

    thumb Nicholas

      Amazing experience!

    thumb Joe

      We had a larger size group and everyone really enjoyed the experience! They gave several options on ingredients and garnishes so people were able to customize their drinks to their liking. I received a lot of good feedback from our guests about how they enjoyed the experience. It was a fun way to do something out of the "normal" routine!

    thumb Makenzie

      Wonderful class!! Super fun and informative. Drinks were delicious. Felt like actual happy hour.

    thumb Brynda

      Super fun! Learned some fantastic drinks and the whole crew was warm and friendly!

    thumb Nick

      Such fun hosts and very knowledgeable. They were friendly and engaged everyone in the class. They even did a special shoutout and came prepared with a cupcake and candle when I mentioned it was my husband's birthday. So thoughtful!

    thumb Brie
  •   I came in knowing next to nothing about mezcal and learned so much from our wonderful host. We discussed everything from the history of mezcal, how it's made, the different agaves used, even the market conditions for farmers! Great activity for solo travelers (like me!) or a small group. The space is lovely and super intimate. The mezcal is excellent quality, we tasted 6 different varieties, each with its own character. I recommend eating beforehand as the pours are very generous- it was more than I could responsibly finish 🙂 Highly recommended!

    thumb Courtney

      Great experience! Katri was knowledgeable and fun. She took questions and made everyone in the group fell included. We had a blast making some great cocktails!

    thumb Josh

      (Website hidden by Airbnb) g. Would definitely recommend!

    thumb Julianne

      This experience was delightful! Their excitement and passion for artistic drinks made this experience beautiful. Very comfortable and fun adventure; Not to mention the cocktails were amazing.

    thumb Robert

      Katri and Hardey were AWESOME. The drinks were delicious and now I feel like I have a little taste of Mexico City in my kitchen whenever I want. It was the perfect way to celebrate a birthday and I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

    thumb Sam

      We had a blast learning about Mezcal and how to use it in some delicious cocktails!

    thumb Andrew

      A very fun experience to know about Mezcal and taste!

    thumb Olivia

      It was a fun experience loved the drinks and the stories behind them. She opened our eyes and our palets to some new horizons.

    thumb Stephy

      Such a unique date night idea! They were super fun & knowledgeable and we got some great drink recipes to use for the future. So much fun!

    thumb Caitlin
  •   I cannot highly recommend this enough. Not only did we learn how to make delicious cocktails, we also learned some history and culture of mezcal as well as some basic bartending tips. The whole experience felt very friendly and personalised.

    thumb Robin

      This was such a great experience! Ana was so fun and personable as well as knowledgeable and entertaining. This was my first Airbnb experience and it blew all of my expectations! Highly recommend!

    thumb Krista

      We really enjoyed this experience. The cocktails were really yummy!

    thumb Arie

      Fantastic experience!!

    thumb Sarah

      We worked with Ana, not Katri and Hardi (?), but it was great! I really saw a spectrum of tequila's potential throughout this class! Ana was awesome- you could see her passion shine through 100%

    thumb Erin

      Anna was a great host! She helped us feel up to speed with her bar tending capabilities and made us a really tasty drink that resembled ceviche. Fun personality and easy to get along with!

    thumb Coty

      Ana and Gabby were so friendly, passionate and gracious! They are expert cocktail makers and shared a lot of insights and special techniques. The tequila and mezcal cocktails were outstanding! It was a ton of fun to learn from and see their passion shine through. Thank you!

    thumb Charles

      We loved our ladies Mezcal class. Anna and Sofia were so much fun. Anna really knew they history of Mezcal and answered all of our questions. It felt like we were all in person talking to each other at the bar. Would definitely do this class again!!!!

    thumb Kimber

      A lot of fun while learning. Great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

    thumb Maria
  •   A super fun experience with awesome and knowledgeable hosts! A great way to bring groups from all over together in an interactive and casual way. I would definitely do this again.

    thumb Brandon

      My husband and I attended this event as a pandemic date-night from home. Our host was super friendly and d
    So knowledgeable about Mezcal, spirits, and culinary flavors in general. She answered questions, worked with the ingredients everyone had on hand, made expert suggestions, and really taught us how to journey into the craft of drink making in the future. We had such an awesome time - this was a real treat!

    thumb Aisha

      This class was so much fun! A group of us attended together to celebrate a friend’s birthday and we had a blast. Ana taught us so much - and gave us a framework for creating cocktails beyond the class. She shared recipe ideas, substitutions, and stories that I appreciate so much. I’ve already impressed my boyfriend with my new cocktail making skills. Such a great experience and highly recommend Ana!

    thumb Marissa

      We booked this online experience with some work colleagues for team building. Not everyone on our team drinks alcohol, but they were able to make delicious mocktails following all the same steps as us, but using tonic water instead of alcohol. It was also great for everyone to learn about the culture and history of tequila and mezcal. I recommend this experience even if you don't like mezcal, because you can make the drinks with tequila instead, or you can try them with mezcal and realize mezcal is delicious. Salud! 🙂

    thumb Deanna

      I went with a group of friends to this mezcal tasting and we had a fantastic time learning about the history and culture of mezcal. Anna, an experienced bartender, led the tasting and gave us tips on how to taste, order in a bar, and what to look for in a bottle of mezcal. We had a blast and would recommend to everyone!

    thumb Tierney

      This was a fantastic experience. I highly recommend it. Not only do you get to learn a very unique craft but these ladies were extremely knowledgeable and were fun! It was a great experience. I can’t wait for that day that COVID-19 is over so I can actually visit them in Mexico

    thumb Brianna

      Great drink recipes!

    thumb Bethany

      The class was great and the cocktails were delicious. Also the other people in the class were great and we will likely be friends!

    thumb Jamie

      Amazing fun!!!

    thumb Robert
  •   The class was great and the cocktails even better - so delicious!

    thumb Katherine

      This experience was super fun! We loved every moment thank you

    thumb Tim & Sondra

      We received this as a gift and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Felt very connected to Sofia & Jimena. Truly fun experience!

    thumb Debbie

      A great balance of helpful info and interactiveness! Made some delicious cocktails with friends and family

    thumb Daniel

      Very interactive and easy to follow! Don’t be scared by the long list of ingredients, the host helps you to make the best drink possible with what you have!

    thumb Emma

      Great team bonding event!

    thumb Ellen

      When in Mexico City, you have to experience this Mezcal tasting. My friend and I had a great time. Our host was very knowledgeable on the history and process of Mezcal. She gave us personal stories in regards to Mezcal and she was hilarious and warm welcoming. It’s a great experience and just intimate enough to not be overwhelming with too many people (7 seats). We had a great time and would totally do it again! We even made friends with some of the other guests and ate tacos after!

    thumb Leilani

      Katri was amazing ans very knowledgeable. She made sure everyone participating had a good time and felt included. I highly recommend this class, it is so much fun!!

    thumb Carolina

      My husband and I each participated and made our own unique drinks. They were absolutely delicious! We even made one on our own to enjoy after the presentation. It was great to learn how to make drinks with fresh ingredients. Not all of the participants had the same ingredients but Ana made it easy to improvise to make a beautifully layered Mezcal or Tequila drink.

    thumb Lynn
  •   FABULOUS experience, and a really fun way to "get away" for the evening with some friends while not leaving our kitchen! It really felt like we escaped and had unexpected fun. Loved it!

    thumb Carol

      Perfect surprise birthday experience for our friends during quarantine! The hosts were more than accommodating, fun, and knowledgeable. We learned so much and had the best time celebrating our friend’s birthday. 10/10 would recommend! Thanks, ladies!

    thumb Alyssa

      I really appreciated her knowledge of the subject.

    thumb Corrina

      Great quarantine Birthday activity! Highly reccomend!

    thumb Robyn

      Its a hang out in an AMAZING bar in Mexico City with two incredible bartenders who not only make you unique and delicious cocktails but also explain the balance behind a great drink AND how the spirits are actually made.
    I miss bars and restaurants and this was exactly that; a cool hang in one of the coolest bars in the world with two of the COOLEST bartenders of all time.
    Drink a lot, don’t drink at all, it doesn’t matter, it’s just so much fun!
    Incredible experience. I’m looking forward to booking it again!!

    thumb Ann

      We had a wonderful class for my friend's birthday! I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

    thumb Sharon

      Ana was adorable, fun, intelligent, knowledgeable, and just the kind of person you want to spend your Friday night with. I walked away from the class feeling more knowledgeable about mezcal and tequila, with a few great cocktail recipes, and feeling happier and lighter (combination of the tequila/mezcal and Ana’s infectious smile).

    thumb Andrea

      What a fun Saturday night! It was like drinking with friends across the world. Not only did we learn a few cocktail tricks, we got to learn how to really build a well crafted cocktail “layer by layer”. Highly recommended

    thumb Jaime

      Do not hesitate to take this class! This was such a fun way to spend a Saturday night in locked-down NYC. I’ve never been good at making drinks on my own and Ana and Gaby’s instruction was clear and easy and they managed to include every single person in the class along the way. I used to live in Mexico City and really miss it so if I get to go back soon I would likely check in on them and ask for their suggestions of where to eat and drink bc it’s clear they know what they are talking about. Thanks guys for a very fun evening. I’m feeling it this morning which is the best sign of a good time!

    thumb Laura