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  • Feb192020

    Drink Up London: Gente de Mezcal at the Margarita Experiment

    A great profile piece by Drink Up London. We’re delighted to be participating at their sold out event, The Margarita…

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  • Jul172019

    London Mezcal week

    You’ll find our award-winning mezcals at LONDON MEZCAL WEEK. A week long celebration of agave spirits, art, music & Mexican…

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  • Jul172019

    Our Tobalá on BBC Good Food’s best mezcal list

    We’re very proud to be included in BBC Good Food’s list of ‘The best mezcals for 2019’! *** By Mike Gerrard…

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  • Apr082019

    Degustación con Deitx&Co

    Gente de Mezcal join our friends Deitx & Co at their upcoming event #ExperienciaMAXWELL JOIN THE CLUB 4th Edition Wine…

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  • Jan072019

    Tasting @ Spirit Hunter, Brighton, UK

    Next Thursday 24th of January, our ambassador in the United Kingdom will host an intimate tasting with our most emblematic…

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  • Oct232018

    Gente de Mezcal @ KIN Festival, Bristol

    We’re excited to be taking mezcal to KIN: a new four-day event from the makers of Shambala Festival. Taking place…

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  • Oct192018

    Tasting Experience & Tapas Dinner @ The Spire, Brighton, UK

    We’re hosting another evening of mezcal and tapas to follow up the wonderful event we held in London last month.…

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  • Sep272018

    Tasting Experience & Tapas Dinner, London

    We are introducing three mezcals, our first to be exported to the UK. We present mezcals from the Espadin, Tobalá…

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  • Mar292018

    The Guardian: Why mezcal – with a side of worm salt – is finally having its moment

    It’s vegan, gluten-free and backed by George Clooney – what more could you ask for? If you wind down the…

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  • Jan092017

    Stories from faraway places

    Stories have been told of Nahua men disguised as wild, drunken cats, wielding mezcal soaked whips, in frenzied dances lashing…

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  • Nov242016

    Our Collector’s Box of miniatures for Mezcal Lovers makes the perfect gift…

    A little wooden chest. Glass miniatures. Five mezcals with which to cultivate a taste for tradition. Perfect for mezcal people.

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  • Nov222016

    Friends & Family

    We’re starting a tradition.  We look forward to seeing you at 4pm on the terrace at The Salon.  Mezcals, food,…

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  • Nov182016

    El Perlado

    ‘El Perlado’; a centuries old technique. The ‘pearls’ allow the Maestro Mezcalero to judge consistency, body and the alcoholic content…

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  • Nov122016

    Don Alejo’s Palenque

    In the Mexican state of Oaxaca, as you leave the central valley and head up towards the Sierra Madre del…

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  • Oct302016

    The Guardian: Mezcal’s meteoric rise continues, but not all industry insiders are ready to toast

    Mezcal is a cultural product that fulfills a social function within communities. It’s necessary to try to measure its immense…

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  • Oct242016

    Puro Síncopa Ep. 24, Davidoff Yamasá & Gente de Mezcal

    A night of cigars and mezcal, nuances and notes. We savoured the smoke and the spirit of our mezcal and…

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  • May102016
    Mom-and-pop mezcal makers are accusing regulators of trying to industrialize and standardize an artisanal activity, along with appropriating the name. Photograph: Omar Torres/AFP/Getty Images

    The Guardian: Don’t call it mezcal: Mexico may force artisanal producers to use a new name

    As the smoky liquor becomes mainstream, small mezcaleros are decrying new rules that would prohibit them from calling it by…

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  • Aug172014

    The Guardian: Mezcal: the mystical drink with its own culture and tradition

    Mexico produces just 2m litres of mezcal a year – less than 1% of the production of the country’s more…

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