Thank You Mezcal People!

Your valuable participation in our crowdfunding campaign has allowed us to get through this difficult time with dignity and optimism. More than just helping us to overcome the financial crisis, you have shown us that our dream of creating a community, today more than ever, is a reality. We will continue to build and develop our project, of which you have have always been and will continue to be, a part of. Neither words nor the rewards we’re able to offer are enough to express our gratitude.

We hope to see you soon, you are our Mezcal People.

The Gente de Mezcal Family
Juan Carlos Muñoz & Hardey Martínez León
May 2020

Our Donors

Lauri Walker
Harold Mera León
Ben Carter
Martín Hernández
Hugh Walker
Manoj Varma
Louise Clark
Karla Paniagua
Lucy Jane Ward
Daniel Kobrin
Alejandro Enriquez
Karla Paniagua
Lucy Jane Ward

Carlos Alberto García Villa
Mary Robles
Ruben Sanchez Sanchez
Diego Muñoz
Aquiles Vera
Ana Laura flores
Andrew Farquharson
Soraya Beheshti
Nina McDonald
Shelby Walton
Sonya Einhorn
Rory Wilkinson
Daniel Kobrin

Thomas Nolan
Jonathan Saunders
Alejandro Durán Coria
Lauri Turkovsky
Daniel Ponce
Cristina King
Adriana León
Paulina Santibañez
Marcela Valle
Shreyas Patankar
Ayana Lateef
Rosalinda Flores Lechuga
Shreyas Patankar

Tianyi Zhou
Paulina del Paso
Juan Cuevas
Andrew Fisher
Benjamin Long
Andy Lunan
David DeWitt
Juan Avila
Thomas Nolan
Rodolfo Flores Lechuga
María de León
Jean-Jules Wachter
Ayana Lateef
Alejandro Enriquez