We host the best Experiences in Mexico City in three different venues; El Salón, Salón Rosario & Los Románticos.
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Mezcal Tasting

El Salón, Versalles 94, Colonia Juárez, Mexico City

Mezcal Tasting

An encounter with the best of Mexican Mezcal culture. An expert from our brand, Gente de Mezcal, offers up a selection of our finest artisanal spirits for tasting. You’ll be seduced by these exquisite spirits and their stories at our boutique tasting room, El Salón, a space dedicated to mezcal in the charismatic Colonia Juárez.

This Experience is perfect for small groups of friends, family or colleagues looking for an alternative, private, chilled out and unforgettable evening out. At El Salón we can host up to 6 people but we can also host larger private groups, up to 16, in our beautiful spirits lounge, Salón Rosario, in Colonia Roma Norte.

Please note that we do not provide food as part of the tasting so we recommend that you eat something beforehand.

El Salón
Versalles 94 int 1A
Colonia Juárez
Mexico City

$1000 MXN p/person


Mezcal Mixology Masterclass

Salón Rosario, Puebla 71, Colonia Roma Norte, Mexico City

Mezcal Mixology Masterclass

During this fantastic Mezcal Mixology Masterclass we’ll take you on a sensorial journey through the creation of 2 to 3 cocktails using Mexico’s most exquisite spirit, Mezcal. You’ll learn about layering flavours and the cultural significance of the ingredients you’ll be using. If you like your cocktails with a kick, this is for you. We can also cater for those who prefer a delicious mocktail instead.

You’ll be guided by our expert, award-winning mixologists, and will learn about the origin and production process of our spirits, as well as intimate stories of our travels and explorations. Discover the secrets behind-the-scenes of an exclusive Mexican bar!

This Experience is perfect for private groups of friends, family or colleagues and takes place in our beautiful, purpose-designed, appointment-only spirits lounge, Salón Rosario, in the charismatic and central neighbourhood of Colonia Roma Norte where we can host groups of up to 8 people.

Please feel free to come dressed as you like, we don’t have a dress code.

Salón Rosario
Puebla 71 int 1
Colonia Roma Norte
Mexico City

$1100 MXN p/person


Online Mezcal & Tequila Cocktail Masterclass

In the comfort of your own home!

Online Mezcal & Tequila Cocktail Masterclass

This is about more than just cocktails, it’s about taking a sensory journey to the heart of Mexico’s artisan spirit culture. You’ll be guided through the creation of two to three distinctive mezcal/tequila cocktails whilst learning about layering flavours and the cultural significance of the ingredients you’ll be using. If you like your cocktails with a kick, this is for you. With the same ingredients, we can also cater for those who prefer a delicious mocktail instead.

This is a unique opportunity to have charismatic, knowledgable bartenders in the privacy of your own home with our team of world-class, award-winning, bilingual mixologists.

This Experience is fantastic for private groups looking to gather virtually. Whether you’re celebrating with family, friends or coworkers, we’d love to host your get-together. We can host up to 500 connections and offer discounts for large groups.

$650 MXN p/person


Private Karaoke & Cocktails

Los Románticos, Versalles 94, Colonia Juárez, Mexico City

Private Karaoke & Cocktails

You’ll get to visit Los Románticos, Mexico City’s very first Karaoke Cocktail Speakeasy in the Colonia Juárez. You’ll enjoy extravagant cocktails made with unique Mexican ingredients in a fun, intimate atmosphere. You’ll learn about Mexican mixology and mezcal culture, including the first Mezcal designed especially for cocktails, all the while singing along to your favourite tunes be it a classic Mexican ‘ranchera’, Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi or Daddy Yankee – whatever makes you move! A passionate bartender from ‘Gente de Mezcal’ will guide and accompany you on this fun, vibrant experience. Music and mixology in a private, unique venue to help you take a little bit of Mexico home with you.

This Experience is also perfect for private groups of friends, family or colleagues of up to 10 people, looking for an intimate, fun, alternative, and unforgettable evening to celebrate any occasion!

Los Románticos
Versalles 94 int 1A
Colonia Juárez
Mexico City

Los Románticos
Versalles 94 int 1A
Colonia Juárez
Mexico City

$1200 MXN p/person


Our Reviews

  •   Katri was an amazing host - she gave us tons of ideas and helped us work with the ingredients at hand. We learned how to make a few favorite new... read more

    thumb Sree Anirudh

      What a great way to bring people together safely and still learn about Mezcal! I am not personally a fan of tequila/mezcal but learning how to structure the drinks and... read more

    thumb Kristal

      Ximena was awesome! She explained the process behind each drink and helped us through every step of the process. She was also great to talk to! We had a fantastic... read more

    thumb Tommy

      Awesome class! Our group had a great time and everyone loved the cocktails! Ana was a great host and gave really good instruction and was very engaging!

    thumb Nick

      Amazing!! They break down the essentials of cocktail making so now we can make up our own tasty creations. Casual good vibe. Super fun!

    thumb Julie

      Our team had so much fun making cocktails with Sade! This was a fantastic team bonding experience and a good learning experience too. Highly recommended!

    thumb Dave

      Loved our class with Sade, very interactive and loved learning how to make use of the ingredients we had on hand!

    thumb Samantha

      We celebrated my sisters 40th birthday with a virtual class. Great host, amazing cocktails, recommend this class to everyone!

    thumb Sara
  •   A fun team event, preparing our own tequila/mezcal cocktails. The hosts did a great job of connecting with each of us, providing tips and stories throughout. The cocktails were delicious!... read more

    thumb Jorge

      Its a hang out in an AMAZING bar in Mexico City with two incredible bartenders who not only make you unique and delicious cocktails but also explain the balance behind... read more

    thumb Ann

      I booked this experience for my mom as a Christmas present. We got lucky and ended up being 1 on 1 with our bartender, Sade. Sade was amazing and did... read more

    thumb Erin

      Ana was absolutely the best bartender! She kept us all engaged. She was super personable. Our team of 19 people thoroughly enjoyed this experience ! Don’t think about, do it!!!

    thumb Erika

      Great experience overall! Loved the recipes.

    thumb Bryant

      Interesting event and fun atmosphere

    thumb Kevin

      David was great! My whole team enjoyed the personalized experience and I'd definitely recommend this for a team bonding event

    thumb Vish

      It was a lovely experience with Ana. She was very informative and even taught us some secret bartender tips. I liked how she made the recipes flexible depending on what... read more

    thumb Kristen
  •   Really fun with excellent pacing and flexibility for folks with different ingredients, utensils, and spirt / non-alcoholic drink preferences. The drinks were amazing and we learned new techniques and perspectives... read more

    thumb Jay

      This is a fun experience to learn more about tequila and mezcal! I wasn't a huge tequila drinker before this but I will be making the cocktails Ximena showed us... read more

    thumb Dorothy

      This class was a lot of fun. The drinks ranged from a mezcal drink to a tequila drink, sweet drink to a spicy drink-all with a little history and... read more

    thumb Beth

      Was fun and would definitely recommend to friends

    thumb Isabella

      This was super fun and accessible for all levels. The host was knowledgeable and engaging. Brought great energy to the session

    thumb Julien

      This was my first Airbnb online experience and it was great! David walked us how to make 3 tequila drinks and was very accommodating if we didn’t have the exact... read more

    thumb Jeff

      It was a lot of fun. We would do it again and hope to be able to share cocktails in person with David on our next trip to Mexico City.

    thumb Matthew

      Fantastic way to spend an evening! Can't recommend enough

    thumb Jack
  •   10/10 if you are a tequila or mezcal fan you must do this!! Such a fun date night. I love our new cocktail recipes.

    thumb Lily

      Mi experiencia en la degustación de mezcal fue simplemente increíble. El ambiente acogedor, la amplia variedad de mezcales y las detalladas explicaciones crearon un evento inolvidable. Aprendí mucho sobre las... read more

    thumb Kersey

      Great experience!!!

    thumb Adrian

      This was a fantastic experience. I highly recommend it. Not only do you get to learn a very unique craft but these ladies were extremely knowledgeable and were fun! It... read more

    thumb Brianna

      Anna is an AMAZING teacher and story teller. We learned so much about the culture, history, and variety of tequila & mezcal. Highly recommend!

    thumb David

      Our friends and I had a great time learning how to make mezcal cocktails. We also learned how to improvise using what we had and that was greats the cocktails... read more

    thumb Michelle

      A magical night. Caro was a great host, and we learned a great deal about the drink. She was very kind and patient while being enthusiastic.
    Just be aware that Gente... read more

    thumb Javier

      The experience was honestly amazing! I chose this for a date night activity and it exceeded my expectations. Ana was extremely knowledgable and personable. I cannot wait to visit Mexico... read more

    thumb Kalli
  •   David was awesome! I set this up for my dad's birthday, since COVID made it so we couldn't be together. This was definitely the next best thing. And David did... read more

    thumb Cassandra

      So much fun with Sade telling the story of building really excellent mezcal cocktails! They did a great job helping offer a mocktail alternative for me too. Highly recommend.

    thumb Kristen

      Great experience for my couples or a group of friends! Looking forward to doing an event like this for a birthday party or something of that sort with a large... read more

    thumb Maria

      We had the best time at the cocktail class!!! Highly recommend to anyone considering!

    thumb Betsy

      We had such a fun evening with friends! We learned so much, and the cocktails were delicious. It felt like we were transported to a bar in Mexico City for... read more

    thumb Brittany

      Fabulous experience! Anna was attentive to everyone’s needs and ingredients. She checked in with each of us all along the way. We did this as a family activity among... read more

    thumb Sharon

      really fun way to bond with friends and learn something while doing something constructive during quarantine.

    thumb Devin

      What a fun Saturday night! It was like drinking with friends across the world. Not only did we learn a few cocktail tricks, we got to learn how to really... read more

    thumb Jaime
  •   Elizabeth was a great host! She was friendly and explained everything about the mezcal tasting very well. The mezcal selection was comprehensive and very interesting.

    thumb Brandon

      Fun twists on familiar cocktails while still being accessible to folks who don't make cocktails often. This was great as a remote work social event.

    thumb Adam

      Very nice experience!!! 100% recommended 😉

    thumb Ruben

      Lots of fun!

    thumb Karl

      So much fun

    thumb Brian

      We had so much fun! The class was really engaging and there were options for mocktails as well.

    thumb Emily

      This was such a fun experience, especially during a pandemic! I enjoyed learning more about tequila, mezcal, and the art of making a delicious cocktail. David was a wonderful instructor... read more

    thumb Kasey

      Great, class. Teacher did a great job walking us through each drink and all were delicious. Would love to take another class with them!

    thumb Nicole
  •   Many thanks! Our bartender/instructor Sade was so delightful and the drinks delicious. Her instruction was a fantastic set up to help me make many future tasty cocktails. Thank you!!

    thumb Elliott

      Ana was a great host! Providing great suggestions for ways to use the ingredients we each had on hand, helping us make some wonderful cocktails, and sharing really interesting information... read more

    thumb Chris

      Loved this experience! Ana was awesome and very well spoken and easy to follow! We loved the cocktails so much! They were AMAZING!

    thumb James

      Ana was so friendly and engaging. We booked this class for a holiday corporate event and everyone had a blast and learned so many new things. I would definitely recommend... read more

    thumb Robin

      Learned so much through this experience! Definitely excited to take my mezcal knowledge home with me. Highly recommend!

    thumb Rachel

      We really enjoyed this experience! We got to learn 2 different cocktails that were delicious and lots of new techniques to impress friends and even yourself! We enjoyed the vibe... read more

    thumb Samantha

      great way to overcome covid

    thumb Len

      Great time! Make it a party and have multiple friends purchase and attend the class. I can’t wait to make these drinks at my next gathering!

    thumb Tatiana
  •   Tasty cocktails, knowledgeable hosts!

    thumb Stacey

      This an amazing experience. From learning some history about tequila/ mezcal to mixing drinks. Great explanation throughout the class and the drinks created were amazing. I would definitely take another... read more

    thumb Blaine

      Ana was adorable, fun, intelligent, knowledgeable, and just the kind of person you want to spend your Friday night with. I walked away from the class feeling more knowledgeable... read more

    thumb Andrea

      Sade class was amazing! She walked us through the process of making various delicious mixed drinks with ingredients that most of us have at home. The avocado mixed drink was... read more

    thumb Elizabeth

      I got this class as a gift for my husband who loves to make cocktails and he was in his element the entire time. He learned the history of tequila... read more

    thumb Debbie

      This was such a fun experience! They really knew their stuff and shared fun facts about mezcal and cocktail creations! The drinks were easy to create, with ingredients that were... read more

    thumb Lexy

      I had a great time making cocktails with Ana. I got a lot of knowledge and tips of how to create original cocktails. I can’t wait to try them out... read more

    thumb Janet

      This was a great experience for our friend’s 40th! The drinks were delicious and it was a fun team activity. Ana was amazing!

    thumb Meredith
  •   Wonderful and unique experience to do at home. Fun date night idea.

    thumb Tara

      Some friends and I joined this class and had a great time with Sade. The drinks were delicious!

    thumb Oriana

      We booked the tequila masterclass for a virtual team outing. Everyone loved it!

    thumb Ashley

      Awesome experience!

    thumb Michelle

      I’ve done this class twice and absolutely LOVED it! I highly recommend taking this class for a wonderful experience.

    thumb Megan

      I highly recommend this experience! It was very interactive and fun, and the recipes we learned are incredible. The pace of the evening was perfect. Katri and Hardey... read more

    thumb Christine

      Such a fun, memorable and rewarding experience! I set this up for my partner's birthday and got his friends from home to join for a surprise celebration in which we... read more

    thumb Rachel

      We really enjoyed the class and it was a perfect day date while our toddler took a nap! 🙂

    thumb Tara
  •   Ximena was a wonderful host! She was so much fun to hang out with. She also taught us about the ingredients and some good bartending tips too! It was so... read more

    thumb Sheetal

      AWESOME DATE NIGHT!! - this is the perfect activity to do and this was 100x better than I even expected. Her knowledge was truly world-class and so interesting to know.... read more

    thumb Zaki

      This was the best cocktail experience I’ve done online. It was fun and useful. We genuinely learned a lot and had a blast doing it. It took my cocktails to... read more

    thumb Mike

      Fantastic team event. Engaging and stimulating, yet left a lot of room for conversation and enjoying cocktails - which by the way were all DELICIOUS

    thumb Zac

      Ana was a superb host! I could tell we all enjoyed her stories, her warmth, and her passion for the art of making drinks 🙂

    thumb Tiffany

      My friends and I loved this experience. It felt super personalized and very relaxed, yet informative with great attention to detail. Our bartender was wonderful and easy to talk to.... read more

    thumb Emma

      A super fun experience with awesome and knowledgeable hosts! A great way to bring groups from all over together in an interactive and casual way. I would definitely do this... read more

    thumb Brandon

      Really awesome experience that I would highly recommend! It was a fun way to both go out and learn about mezcal.

    thumb Adam