We host the best Experiences in Mexico City in three different venues; El Salón, Salón Rosario & Los Románticos.
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Mezcal Tasting

El Salón, Versalles 94, Colonia Juárez, Mexico City

Mezcal Tasting

An encounter with the best of Mexican Mezcal culture. An expert from our brand, Gente de Mezcal, offers up a selection of our finest artisanal spirits for tasting. You’ll be seduced by these exquisite spirits and their stories at our boutique tasting room, El Salón, a space dedicated to mezcal in the charismatic Colonia Juárez.

This Experience is perfect for small groups of friends, family or colleagues looking for an alternative, private, chilled out and unforgettable evening out. We can also host larger private groups, up to 12 people, in our beautiful spirits lounge, Salón Rosario, in Colonia Roma Norte.

Please note that we do not provide food as part of the tasting so we recommend that you eat something beforehand.

El Salón
Versalles 94 int 1A
Colonia Juárez
Mexico City

Mezcal Mixology Masterclass

Salón Rosario, Puebla 71, Colonia Roma Norte, Mexico City

Mezcal Mixology Masterclass

During this fantastic Mezcal Mixology Masterclass we’ll take you on a sensorial journey through the creation of 2 to 3 cocktails using Mexico’s most exquisite spirit, Mezcal. You’ll learn about layering flavours and the cultural significance of the ingredients you’ll be using. If you like your cocktails with a kick, this is for you. We can also cater for those who prefer a delicious mocktail instead.

You’ll be guided by our expert, award-winning mixologists, and will learn about the origin and production process of our spirits, as well as intimate stories of our travels and explorations. Discover the secrets behind-the-scenes of an exclusive Mexican bar!

The entire Experience takes place in our beautiful, purpose-designed, appointment-only spirits lounge, Salón Rosario, in the charismatic and central neighbourhood of la Colonia Roma Norte.

This Experience is perfect for private groups of friends, family or colleagues.

Please feel free to come dressed as you like, we don’t have a dress code.

Salón Rosario
Puebla 71 int 1
Colonia Roma Norte
Mexico City

Online Mezcal & Tequila Cocktail Masterclass

In the comfort of your own home!

Online Mezcal & Tequila Cocktail Masterclass

This is about more than just cocktails, it’s about taking a sensory journey to the heart of Mexico’s artisan spirit culture. You’ll be guided through the creation of two to three distinctive mezcal/tequila cocktails whilst learning about layering flavours and the cultural significance of the ingredients you’ll be using. If you like your cocktails with a kick, this is for you. With the same ingredients, we can also cater for those who prefer a delicious mocktail instead.

This is a unique opportunity to have charismatic, knowledgable bartenders in the privacy of your own home with our team of world-class, award-winning, bilingual mixologists.

This Experience is fantastic for private groups looking to gather virtually. Whether you’re celebrating with family, friends or coworkers, we’d love to host your get-together.

We can host up to 500 connections and offer discounts for large groups.

Private Karaoke & Cocktails

Los Románticos, Versalles 94, Colonia Juárez, Mexico City

Private Karaoke & Cocktails

You’ll get to visit Los Románticos, Mexico City’s very first Karaoke Cocktail Speakeasy in the Colonia Juárez. You’ll enjoy extravagant cocktails made with unique Mexican ingredients in a fun, intimate atmosphere. You’ll learn about Mexican mixology and mezcal culture, including the first Mezcal designed especially for cocktails, all the while singing along to your favourite tunes be it a classic Mexican ‘ranchera’, Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi or Daddy Yankee – whatever makes you move! A passionate bartender from ‘Gente de Mezcal’ will guide and accompany you on this fun, vibrant experience. Perfect for groups of friends or even on your own as it’s a fantastic atmosphere to make new friends. Music and mixology in a private, unique venue to help you take a little bit of Mexico home with you.

This Experience is perfect for private groups of friends, family or colleagues looking for an intimate, fun, alternative, and unforgettable evening to celebrate any occasion!

Los Románticos
Versalles 94 int 1A
Colonia Juárez
Mexico City

Our Reviews

  •   Anyone who likes cocktails needs to take this class, and anyone who thinks they don't should too, because I bet you'll love what you learn in this class. Not only is our cocktail-making game much better now, we also had a blast learning about the history of mezcal and tequila. It was also cool to learn these things alongside other people from all over -- a fun, educational, tasty time all around. Thank you!

    thumb Leslie

      This was such a great experience! I booked this for a work happy hour and we all had so much fun. The drinks we made were so good and I cannot wait to continue to make them for friends and family. Our bartender was so knowledgeable and super funny. We’d definitely book again!

    thumb Megan

      Ana was incredible, and the experience was really fun. We booked it for a work team event and couldn't be more excited and grateful for how personable and engaging the experience was. The drinks were delicious and Ana was an awesome, warm, funny and incredibly knowledgeable virtual host. Would give them 6 stars if I could!

    thumb Josh

      Amazing experience!

    thumb Joe

      Lovely evening with old friends. Learned interesting facts about the delicious drinks we were making and had a lovely time!

    thumb Molly

      We had such a fun evening with friends! We learned so much, and the cocktails were delicious. It felt like we were transported to a bar in Mexico City for an hour. She was really flexible as well in adapting to ingredients we had on hand. What a great experience I highly recommend it!

    thumb Brittany

      Such a fun experience! It was a perfect way to celebrate a birthday.

    thumb Alexis

      The class was great. We took a Monday class as an impromptu date night. It was exactly what we wanted. There was one other couple in the virtual class with us. Our host answered all of our questions. There were a few tools that would’ve been good to know about ahead of time, but overall our host was able to improvise with what we we had available to us. I hope we can visit in person some day!

    thumb Janice

      Love the blend of making drinks, history and insights, and Q&A. Great flavor.

    thumb M
  •   Highly recommend doing this.. such an engaging, informative and fun host. More value for money than we thought. Again soon... !

    thumb Madhu

      We really enjoyed this experience. The cocktails were really yummy!

    thumb Arie

      This was a wonderful experience, so professional and informative yet fun and relaxed! My team had a great time, and everyone agreed it well surpassed expectations! Thank you for such a memorable virtual holiday party!

    thumb Christine

      A very fun experience to know about Mezcal and taste!

    thumb Olivia

      Such a fun and educational experience! We did this as a company virtual happy hour and had a blast! David was a great bartender - he did an amazing job walking us through how to make each cocktail, had great knowledge on tequila + mezcal, and even poked fun at us a bit . Highly recommend this experience!

    thumb Alyssa

      Anna was a great host, very friendly and answered all of our pesky questions. We really enjoyed making the cocktails from fresh ingredients and also enjoyed her sharing of knowledge about the making of mezcal and tequila and how to find quality spirits.

    thumb Nancy

      Lots of fun!

    thumb Karl

      The class was great and the cocktails were delicious. Also the other people in the class were great and we will likely be friends!

    thumb Jamie

      We did this as a company event with about 8 people and it was incredible they could personalize to each of us. If you don't have the ingredients (even alcohol) they will make sure you are still able to build some incredible drinks. Great online experience!

    thumb Zach
  •   I wasn’t sure whether zoom cocktail making would be fun, but turns out it was awesome! The drinks were delicious and Sade kept the energy high. She even managed to squeeze in an extra drink for us and stayed a bit beyond the allotted time. I would definitely recommend this class!

    thumb Lauren

      Fantastic experience!!

    thumb Sarah

      We did this as an adult birthday activity. It was perfect! They were super responsive to questions I had before the class, and during the class Katri gave us history and knowledge about mezcal and tequila culture from her restaurant, and the cocktails we made were super delicious. They even followed up by sending us the recipes. I’d definitely recommend this anytime for someone looking to do a fun activity online! Thank you!

    thumb Krystal

      What a fun and informative class! Awesome cocktails!

    thumb Zachary

      So fun and the drinks were amazing! Highly recommend for a great and informative virtual experience.

    thumb Hailey

      We had a blast learning about Mezcal and how to use it in some delicious cocktails!

    thumb Andrew

      What a fun Saturday night! It was like drinking with friends across the world. Not only did we learn a few cocktail tricks, we got to learn how to really build a well crafted cocktail “layer by layer”. Highly recommended

    thumb Jaime

      Excellent class! And delicious cocktails! Would definitely recommend!!

    thumb Laura

      We really enjoyed this experience! It was a lot of fun to experience the culture and learn how to make some tasty drinks!

    thumb Alan
  •   Thank for having us, it was amazing for team bonding!

    thumb Sereyvathana

      Great experience! Katri was knowledgeable and fun. She took questions and made everyone in the group fell included. We had a blast making some great cocktails!

    thumb Josh

      We had a wonderful time, was so fun learning to make new and unique cocktails. Ana was knowledgeable and very easy to follow. Would definitely recommend and would do it again!

    thumb Korianne

      Amazing experience!

    thumb Rana

      The setting gives a real sense of place. Katri put the emphasis on adaptive, hands-on teaching, working with your skills at any level, and your equipment and supplies. The approach to cocktail-making emphasizes innovation and creativity, as well as balance of flavors. I was given skills beyond the specific recipes we worked on together. Very fun!!!

    thumb Terry

      Very nice experience!!! 100% recommended 😉

    thumb Ruben

      Some friends and I joined this class and had a great time with Sade. The drinks were delicious!

    thumb Oriana

      David was awesome! I set this up for my dad's birthday, since COVID made it so we couldn't be together. This was definitely the next best thing. And David did an awesome job of teaching how to build a cocktail, not just follow a recipe. We all had a blast, and would definitely do it again.

    thumb Cassandra

      This was a very fun and special way to celebrate my husband’s birthday. Our host Liza was so great at helping our large group of mixed level cocktail crafting experience to move through the three recipes — all of which were phenomenal. I highly recommend this experience for a private gathering of friends who want to recreate the vibe of a night out getting drinks in the city and laugh and learn together while roasting beautiful and yummy cocktails. Salud!

    thumb Mona
  •   So much fun! Katri & Hardey were able to customize each persons experience with different suggestions/ingredients based on the participants’ tastes. They were clearly knowledgeable and shared their excitement with us!

    thumb Meghan

      David was absolutely amazing! Me and and my two girlfriends had such a fun time making a couple super yummy drinks to get our day started. We were lucky enough to have David to ourselves and he was there for our crazy bachelorette party energy. He went above and beyond with the tea about different tequila brands and telling us about all the must go to places in Mexico City. This experience was amazing would definitely do it over and over again.

    thumb Ashley

      This was such a fun experience, especially during a pandemic! I enjoyed learning more about tequila, mezcal, and the art of making a delicious cocktail. David was a wonderful instructor - he was warm, friendly, and made sure to personalize the drink recipes based on what ingredients people had. Definitely recommend this experience for anyone who likes tequila and is looking for something new and fun to do!

    thumb Kasey

      The experience was fun and informative on how to build a cocktail with fresh ingredients. I am looking forward to receiving the recipes and also how to make some for a crowd. If my computer screen was larger it would have been better but it was fine.

    thumb Vickie

      Such a great event! We learned a lot from David, got to have tasty cocktails, and he made time for us to chat and catch up

    thumb Bethany

      We had a great time doing this master class for our anniversary. We learned so much about mezcal and how to mix drinks like an expert. Great way to feel like you're able to travel even in the middle of a pandemic!

    thumb Keren

      Had a great time! We did this class as part of a graduate student group at my university and we had at least 30 participates on Zoom! Ana was our "bartender" and she said she's a brand ambassador for Gente de Mezcal and she was awesome. We had a really good time and learned a lot about mezcal and tequila, the art of building a cocktail, and general bartending tips! She's super friendly and gave us a lot of great recommendations as well. Hope to one day be able to visit in person!

    thumb Tiffany

      If you enjoy drinking mezcal or tequila, this is the class for you. Delicious cocktails!

    thumb Amy

      Ana was THE BEST! It was such a wonderful experience and I would definitely do this again. Learned a lot about mezcal while also making some wonderful cocktails. Can't wait to do this again!

    thumb Claire
  •   Absolutely terrific!

    thumb Joe

      We had a great experience with our bartender David! He was dynamic, engaged with everyone in the class and had great tips for which ingredients to use. Loved the information and learning some of the why behind combining flavors and alcohols. A fun date night or distanced activity.

    thumb Ariela

      Awesome experience! Did this for my birthday and will definitely be making the cocktails again in the future. The drinks were delicious and the class was a great pace (not too fast or slow). Thanks Katri & Hardey!

    thumb Grace

      This course was fun and educational. Ana was amazing and detail orientated. She had a lot of insight on tequila and displayed a true passion. She welcomed feedback positive or negative. We truly enjoyed the course and hope to visit Ana in the future.

    thumb Esmeralda

      Our family of 8 had SOOO MUCH FUN!!! Sade was so so awesome, personable, fun, & taught us so much. I love Mezcal and had no idea how it was made until Sade passionately explained the process to us. My dad is still talking about this class/birthday gift 2 days later, so he was super happy! My whole family had fabulous things to say about Sade and some of my siblings want to book future experiences with her. It was amazing how organized, structured, and informative your experience was while remaining chill and working at our slow pace. We are so thankful for you all, and thanks for sharing these delicious recipes and resources. Can't wait to go to Mexico City to experience Gente de Mezcal at Salon Rosario!!

    thumb Megan

      Truly delicious cocktails!! It was a fun evening. When we get to travel again, a trip to Mexico City to try their mezcal will be a must.

    thumb Shoshana

      Sade was amazing and super engaging. She really made sure to tailor the experience to what made sense for our group. She was fun and insightful and made sure everyone was included.

    thumb Jessielyn

      Very well thought out experience. The bartender was very willing to cater recipes to what you had on hand, so cocktails were personalized to you. Highly recommend this class!

    thumb Xavier

      Did this experience with my team at work and had a lot of fun! It's the right level of complexity and both fun and educational. Would definitely recommend.

    thumb Carmel
  •   It was a lovely experience with Ana. She was very informative and even taught us some secret bartender tips. I liked how she made the recipes flexible depending on what ingredients people had. She gave me confidence to craft delicious tequila cocktails that matches any fancy bar. Thanks for a fun experience!

    thumb Kristen

      Really awesome experience that I would highly recommend! It was a fun way to both go out and learn about mezcal.

    thumb Adam

      Our team had so much fun making cocktails with Sade! This was a fantastic team bonding experience and a good learning experience too. Highly recommended!

    thumb Dave

      Had a lovely time with new and old friends making delicious cocktails. Sade was super friendly! Thanks!

    thumb Martha

      Really great experience! We did a private group for my wife's birthday with friends and family. Fun experience for all of us during this crazy time!

    thumb Tom

      It was an awesome experience, David was absolutely fantastic. It was my son’s birthday so we were able to connect even though we live in different countries and celebrate his birthday together. The cocktails we are fun and tasty and I fully recommend this event

    thumb Cindy

      Had a great time learning to make cocktails, especially in the time of covid when bars are closed. David was a fun and accommodating host, tailoring drinks based on the ingredients we had. I like that we learned the fundamentals so that we knew how to alter ingredients or ingredient combinations to make "new" drinks on our own in the future.

    thumb Janice

      Thank you !!!

    thumb Erin

      Many thanks! Our bartender/instructor Sade was so delightful and the drinks delicious. Her instruction was a fantastic set up to help me make many future tasty cocktails. Thank you!!

    thumb Elliott
  •   This was a great experience for our friend’s 40th! The drinks were delicious and it was a fun team activity. Ana was amazing!

    thumb Meredith

      We had a wonderful time learning how to mix cocktails with Katri & Hardey. They were super enthusiastic and created a really fun experience for our group of friends. Each drink that we made was delicious. We will definitely me using our new-found mixology skills at home!

    thumb Julie

      Wow wow wow!! Did this experience for me and my colleagues and it was perfect. The hosts were incredibly kind and welcoming, patient with folks tired from meetings all day, and so energetic and excited. The music was a perfect touch. Loved it all!

    thumb Mfundo

      Great experience - truly enjoyed 🙂

    thumb Sara

      This was a great experience. The hosts were welcoming and knowledgeable, inclusive and personable. I would definitely recommend for any mezcal or tequila fans. Good value for price I thought also.

    thumb Ryan

      My boyfriend and I had an awesome time with Ana! Ana was so personable and knowledgeable about mezcal and tequila, even my boyfriend (who is a self-proclaimed cocktail aficionado) learned more about the drinks we were making - while I (practically oblivious to the cocktail world) still found the information easy to take in. This is perfect for all cocktail experience levels. I appreciate that Ana was so attentive to our needs, making sure every step of the way that we were on the same page and were consuming safely. During the experience, I especially appreciated hearing Ana's stories while some fun music played in the background, it almost felt like being in a bar! Excellent experience, I look forward to visiting Ana's bar in-person in the future!

    thumb Lindsey

      This class was so much fun. The host was warm and inviting and the cocktails were DELICIOUS!

    thumb ShaTerra

      Do not hesitate to take this class! This was such a fun way to spend a Saturday night in locked-down NYC. I’ve never been good at making drinks on my own and Ana and Gaby’s instruction was clear and easy and they managed to include every single person in the class along the way. I used to live in Mexico City and really miss it so if I get to go back soon I would likely check in on them and ask for their suggestions of where to eat and drink bc it’s clear they know what they are talking about. Thanks guys for a very fun evening. I’m feeling it this morning which is the best sign of a good time!

    thumb Laura

      This was a super fun experience! I booked a private party for my husband's birthday and invited a bunch of his friends. The hosts were very friendly and got to know the group by asking questions. They walked us through the making of each cocktail and really worked with whatever we had on hand. I would recommend this for a fun group gathering or date night activity!

    thumb Alexandra
  •   Great class and delicious cocktails!!

    thumb Sherri

      So much fun with Sade telling the story of building really excellent mezcal cocktails! They did a great job helping offer a mocktail alternative for me too. Highly recommend.

    thumb Kristen

      Amazing!! We LOVED our master-class and learned some new and interesting information about Mezcal and the creative world of mixology! 2 things we previously love and now will have a leg-up at any party, event, or restaurant/bar. It was our first on-line experience and honestly was WAY cooler than we'd predicted. The host made us feel like we were literally sitting across the bar from her and we got some awesome insiders tips to Mexico City and of course, the spirit, Mezcal plus their personal brand! Was neat to improvise with a few of the things we didn't have on hand. I suggest making sure you get all the ingredients they ask so you're set up to go !!! The drinks did NOT disappoint - we were feelin VERY good by the end HAHAHAH. Would totally do it again, would be fun with a group!

    thumb Aydra

      Great experience!

    thumb Stephen

      Ana welcomed us into her beautifully-stocked bar in Mexico City and made us all feel right at home -- just like any great bartender would do. She started by checking to see what ingredients we had to hand, and adjusted each recipe to suit what each of us had. The 90-minute class was a perfect introduction to mezcal and tequila; we got a mini masterclass in agave varieties, harvesting, preparation techniques, and how agave spirits differ from one region to the next. Ana was an absolute gem: totally passionate about her topic, flexible yet attentive to detail, and just so warm and kind. Honestly, one of the best social experiences I've had in 2020. Highly, highly recommended.

    thumb Lauren

      Ana was great! She’s a true expert and made the environment relaxed and fun. Making the drinks was easy to follow and she answered any questions along the way.

    thumb Joanna

      It was a great virtual experience with friends for a birthday celebration. Sade was a great host and taught a lot about mezcal history!

    thumb Anthony

      It was a blast! Great way to spend an evening (COVID or not!). Can't wait to visit them in person!

    thumb Frank Russell

      Awesome class! Our group had a great time and everyone loved the cocktails! Ana was a great host and gave really good instruction and was very engaging!

    thumb Nick
  •   We had a great time with the experience, and the cocktails were super tasty.

    thumb Stefani

      I celebrated my birthday with friends and family making mezcal cocktails, this was GREAT

    thumb Nohemi

      I thought the whole experience was very thought out and kept me engage. I like drinking tequila and mezcal but I don’t don’t know how to make any cocktails. These cocktails were refreshing and delicious and my favorite part were all of the options to iterate.

    I only have positive things to say.

    thumb Denise

      Super fun experience,very personalized and educational. Great vibe and playlist.

    thumb Graeme

      My husband and I attended this event as a pandemic date-night from home. Our host was super friendly and d
    So knowledgeable about Mezcal, spirits, and culinary flavors in general. She answered questions, worked with the ingredients everyone had on hand, made expert suggestions, and really taught us how to journey into the craft of drink making in the future. We had such an awesome time - this was a real treat!

    thumb Aisha

      Awesome drinks options and not a lot of raw materials required. Superfun experience with great backgrounds given on each drink. Host is super-knowledgeable

    thumb Ameya

      This was amazing! We did a private event for a surprise party for my boyfriend and everyone had such a wonderful time. Sade was amazing in leading the drinks and engaging, and Katri was so helpful throughout the entire planning process. Can't recommend them enough!

    thumb Chase

      This was a fantastic "date night" experience at-home for me and my husband! Liza was great and a fun host; I loved how she offered ingredient solutions to suit personal tastes. the drinks we made were so yummy and totally something we'd order at a bar - I can't wait to recreate the drinks for friends. I would recommend this experience to anyone out there that is looking for a fun experience and enhance their at-home bartending skills.

    thumb Sonia

      We did this for a virtual team offsite and it was SO FUN! Sade did a fantastic job leading us through the cocktail recipes and everyone had a great time. Highly recommend booking this experience!

    thumb Lanae