We host the best Experiences in Mexico City in three different venues; El Salón, Salón Rosario & Los Románticos.
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Mezcal Tasting

El Salón, Versalles 94, Colonia Juárez, Mexico City

Mezcal Tasting

An encounter with the best of Mexican Mezcal culture. An expert from our brand, Gente de Mezcal, offers up a selection of our finest artisanal spirits for tasting. You’ll be seduced by these exquisite spirits and their stories at our boutique tasting room, El Salón, a space dedicated to mezcal in the charismatic Colonia Juárez.

This Experience is perfect for small groups of friends, family or colleagues looking for an alternative, private, chilled out and unforgettable evening out. At El Salón we can host up to 6 people but we can also host larger private groups, up to 16, in our beautiful spirits lounge, Salón Rosario, in Colonia Roma Norte.

Please note that we do not provide food as part of the tasting so we recommend that you eat something beforehand.

El Salón
Versalles 94 int 1A
Colonia Juárez
Mexico City

$1000 MXN p/person


Mezcal Mixology Masterclass

Salón Rosario, Puebla 71, Colonia Roma Norte, Mexico City

Mezcal Mixology Masterclass

During this fantastic Mezcal Mixology Masterclass we’ll take you on a sensorial journey through the creation of 2 to 3 cocktails using Mexico’s most exquisite spirit, Mezcal. You’ll learn about layering flavours and the cultural significance of the ingredients you’ll be using. If you like your cocktails with a kick, this is for you. We can also cater for those who prefer a delicious mocktail instead.

You’ll be guided by our expert, award-winning mixologists, and will learn about the origin and production process of our spirits, as well as intimate stories of our travels and explorations. Discover the secrets behind-the-scenes of an exclusive Mexican bar!

This Experience is perfect for private groups of friends, family or colleagues and takes place in our beautiful, purpose-designed, appointment-only spirits lounge, Salón Rosario, in the charismatic and central neighbourhood of Colonia Roma Norte where we can host groups of up to 8 people.

Please feel free to come dressed as you like, we don’t have a dress code.

Salón Rosario
Puebla 71 int 1
Colonia Roma Norte
Mexico City

$1100 MXN p/person


Online Mezcal & Tequila Cocktail Masterclass

In the comfort of your own home!

Online Mezcal & Tequila Cocktail Masterclass

This is about more than just cocktails, it’s about taking a sensory journey to the heart of Mexico’s artisan spirit culture. You’ll be guided through the creation of two to three distinctive mezcal/tequila cocktails whilst learning about layering flavours and the cultural significance of the ingredients you’ll be using. If you like your cocktails with a kick, this is for you. With the same ingredients, we can also cater for those who prefer a delicious mocktail instead.

This is a unique opportunity to have charismatic, knowledgable bartenders in the privacy of your own home with our team of world-class, award-winning, bilingual mixologists.

This Experience is fantastic for private groups looking to gather virtually. Whether you’re celebrating with family, friends or coworkers, we’d love to host your get-together. We can host up to 500 connections and offer discounts for large groups.

$650 MXN p/person


Private Karaoke & Cocktails

Los Románticos, Versalles 94, Colonia Juárez, Mexico City

Private Karaoke & Cocktails

You’ll get to visit Los Románticos, Mexico City’s very first Karaoke Cocktail Speakeasy in the Colonia Juárez. You’ll enjoy extravagant cocktails made with unique Mexican ingredients in a fun, intimate atmosphere. You’ll learn about Mexican mixology and mezcal culture, including the first Mezcal designed especially for cocktails, all the while singing along to your favourite tunes be it a classic Mexican ‘ranchera’, Taylor Swift, Bon Jovi or Daddy Yankee – whatever makes you move! A passionate bartender from ‘Gente de Mezcal’ will guide and accompany you on this fun, vibrant experience. Music and mixology in a private, unique venue to help you take a little bit of Mexico home with you.

This Experience is also perfect for private groups of friends, family or colleagues of up to 10 people, looking for an intimate, fun, alternative, and unforgettable evening to celebrate any occasion!

Los Románticos
Versalles 94 int 1A
Colonia Juárez
Mexico City

Los Románticos
Versalles 94 int 1A
Colonia Juárez
Mexico City

$1200 MXN p/person


Our Reviews

  •   Such a fun and educational experience! We did this as a company virtual happy hour and had a blast! David was a great bartender - he did an amazing job... read more

    thumb Alyssa

      This was so fun and informative. If you like tequila but struggle with cocktail making, this is for you. Loved all the new flavor combinations and tips!

    thumb Abigail

      (Website hidden by Airbnb) g. Would definitely recommend!

    thumb Julianne

      So much fun! My wife and I loved it. We celebrated our 36 year!! first date. Our host was cute and fun and knowledgeable. We learned new drink making... read more

    thumb Adam

      We booked a small private class for a birthday celebration and had a fantastic time with David. We made delicious, easy-to-remember cocktails, shared stories and had a unique experience from... read more

    thumb Morgan

      A fun activity with friends. Thank you!

    thumb Monica

      This was an awesome experience that I would wholeheartedly recommend for a group, even large. Ana was constantly checking in on the group seeing how we were doing, offering alternatives... read more

    thumb Matteo

      Ximena was awesome! She explained the process behind each drink and helped us through every step of the process. She was also great to talk to! We had a fantastic... read more

    thumb Tommy
  •   Absolutely loved this experience. Showed us the basic on how to make great well-balanced drinks! Then some ideas to make the cocktails into something special.

    thumb Emma

      Such a great experience. The drinks were customized to each person and the atmosphere was super comfortable.

    thumb Dianna

      Was a great presentation and thorough introduction into what makes tequila great and how to look at it in a different light

    thumb Noah

      Our hostess was excellent! Ana did a phenomenal job and if you are considering this as an option for a team building event I would definitely recommend. Great... read more

    thumb Christopher

      This experience was a lot of fun!

    thumb Gretchen

      This was a great way to celebrate a birthday during quarantine! Felt like a mini trip to Mexico City. The cocktails were delicious.

    thumb Sara

      I’ve been living in Mexico City for 2 years and this is by far the best mezcal tasting I’ve done. Sade was FUN, informative, and passionate. I can’t wait to... read more

    thumb Olivia

      David was absolutely amazing! Me and and my two girlfriends had such a fun time making a couple super yummy drinks to get our day started. We were lucky enough... read more

    thumb Ashley
  •   Everything was good. I liked the background information the most!

    thumb Seid

      Super fun class! Learned how to make three super tasty drinks that I absolutely plan to make for friends in the future. Both of the hosts were kind and thoughtful,... read more

    thumb Ankit

      Loved this class! Such a fun activity at home on a Friday night. Perfect to schedule with far away friends. Instructor was amazing. Would absolutely recommend!

    thumb Samantha

      Great experience, hosted a private event for work. David (our host) was super helpful with modifications based on what people had in their kitchen. Everyone really enjoyed themselves... read more

    thumb Megan

      Katri and Hardey were AWESOME. The drinks were delicious and now I feel like I have a little taste of Mexico City in my kitchen whenever I want. It was... read more

    thumb Sam

      I could not recommend this experience any more highly! The drinks were delicious and the recipes were easy go follow. I booked this as a team build event and everyone... read more

    thumb Daniel

      James and I attended this experience as a fun date night. We left with amazing cocktail recipes and a deeper appreciation for the history of mezcal, tequila, and most importantly,... read more

    thumb Pia

      Great group activity

    thumb Matt
  •   Must try even if you don’t drink mezcal. Especially, if you don’t drink mezcal, a great experience to start and learn. Must try when you’re in Mexico City.... read more

    thumb Shri Aditya

      Super fun and the drinks are delicious!

    thumb Jereme

      This tasting was wonderful! I expected to taste delicious mezcal, I did not expect to leave so knowledgeable and beyond happy. What a lovely surprise to an already amazing trip... read more

    thumb Ashley

      Ana did an amazing job breaking down cocktail theory and then had a wonderful array or cocktails for us to make together. She took her time and answered all our... read more

    thumb Becky

      This is a great time and great for mixologists and beginners alike. I learned quite a bit about mezcal!

    thumb Kristin

      Great Experience and tons of fun. Be sure to grab everything on the list as it made our experience extra fun and it made our drinks incredibly delicious!

    thumb Brittania

      Learned a ton!

    thumb Kristal

      Fun experience. Learned a lot about the history and origins of Tequila !! Delicious . Drinks we made are easily done independently..which is great. We really enjoyed .

    thumb Sue
  •   Amazing experience!

    thumb Steven

      We had so much fun tasting and learning about Mezcal. Katri taught us about all the different types of agaves used and shared with us photos of the process. We... read more

    thumb Moira

      I celebrated my birthday with friends and family making mezcal cocktails, this was GREAT

    thumb Nohemi

      Awesome class! Our group had a great time and everyone loved the cocktails! Ana was a great host and gave really good instruction and was very engaging!

    thumb Nick

      We had a really fun time and learned some new tricks, thank you!

    thumb Joseph

      fantastic time with Sade and couples from different parts of the world.

    thumb Adam

      The Mezcal Tasting was a unique, highly personal and fun experience with a small group of people all intensely interested in the same subject matter. Caro was an outstanding guide... read more

    thumb Ron

      Truly delicious cocktails!! It was a fun evening. When we get to travel again, a trip to Mexico City to try their mezcal will be a must.

    thumb Shoshana
  •   Our friends and I had a great time learning how to make mezcal cocktails. We also learned how to improvise using what we had and that was greats the cocktails... read more

    thumb Michelle

      This was a great experience for our friend’s 40th! The drinks were delicious and it was a fun team activity. Ana was amazing!

    thumb Meredith

      Lola, our gracious host, created a warm and welcoming atmosphere right from the start for our Mezcal tasting. Her knowledge of Mezcal was impressive, and she shared fascinating insights about... read more

    thumb Antonio

      Such a fun time and wonderful experience!

    thumb Julie

      We had a great time and really enjoyed learning how each ingredient brings an element to the drink. Would definitely recommend!

    thumb Neha

      This was a great experience to do with your friends. We all had a good time and the drinks that we made all tasted delicious!

    thumb Carla

      It was a fun and interesting class. Just having guidance on creating a cocktail with the correct balance of ingredients was worth it. Now I feel like I can experiment... read more

    thumb Kyle

      This was one of the coolest things we did in Mexico City. We got to learn so much about Mezcal and the entire process of how it's made. We definitely... read more

    thumb Kashif
  •   This was such a fun "girls night out" virtual experience for a birthday party. The hosts showed us how to make two cocktails, and they worked with each of us... read more

    thumb Meredith

      It was a fun experience loved the drinks and the stories behind them. She opened our eyes and our palets to some new horizons.

    thumb Stephy

      Great experience for teams

    thumb Isaira

      This is an intimate and lively experience that transports you to their bar in Mexico City. The bartenders draw in the entire group while sharing their knowledge of mezcal... read more

    thumb Christopher

      Ana was extremely knowledgeable, super patient with our large group, and made sure the experience felt really personal. She answered all of my questions, no matter how silly, and helped... read more

    thumb Angie

      Very fun!

    thumb Angela

      We booked this experience last minute, and wow, so so so grateful that we did. Caro was outstanding, passionate and knowledgeable and a master storyteller. We came away with a... read more

    thumb Jaimie

      Experiencia fenomenal, hemos aprendido mucho y los cocktails estupendos

    thumb Anna
  •   We loved our ladies Mezcal class. Anna and Sofia were so much fun. Anna really knew they history of Mezcal and answered all of our questions. It felt like we... read more

    thumb Kimber

      We loved this class. It felt authentic, and we had such a great time!

    thumb Alyssa

      I surprised my husband with this online experience, and he loved it. The host, Ximena, was very informative and sweet and helped personalize our experience by getting a birthday cake... read more

    thumb Itzel

      What a fun and informative class! Awesome cocktails!

    thumb Zachary

      AWESOME DATE NIGHT!! - this is the perfect activity to do and this was 100x better than I even expected. Her knowledge was truly world-class and so interesting to know.... read more

    thumb Zaki

      This was a super fun way to connect with people from other places while on lock-down with Covid-19. Ana was super fun and energetic. She loves the craft of artful... read more

    thumb Andrea

      Where do I start? The experience was fantastic. We learned a lot about how mezcal is made, and the connections it has to the heart and soul of Mexico, thanks... read more

    thumb Michael

      Delightful host, great drinks, detailed knowledge of mezcals and tequilas!

    thumb Jeremy
  •   Ana was an amazing host! She adapted cocktail recipes to the ingredients we had. She also had a great music playlist in the background as we learned and... read more

    thumb Erica

      This was so fun! We did it for my boyfriends birthday and Sade surprised him with a special bday song and cake/candle (such a thoughtful touch!). We also learned a... read more

    thumb Jenna

      Lola was super personable and did a great job at story telling as well as answering questions. She is extremely knowledgeable about mezcal. I learned so much about mezcal... read more

    thumb Teal

      this is a great team builder to learn great tattooing cocktails and learn a little about mezcal and tequila. would dedicatedly recommend

    thumb David

      Mezcal & Tequila Experience of a Lifetime! We didn’t know we what to expect out of a virtual DIY Cocktail experience, but our night with Katri & Hardey was a... read more

    thumb Jenn

      Had a great time learning about mezcal and cocktails. Ximena was friendly, fun and super knowledgeable about cocktails and mezcal. It was really cool that she was able to adapt... read more

    thumb Ruben

      We had an incredible time with our host Caro learning about the history and uniqueness of Mezcal. She had a ton of knowledge, but was also extremely personable and fun.... read more

    thumb Michael

      A lot of fun while learning. Great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

    thumb Maria
  •   So fantastic - was the perfect choice for my husband's birthday! Ana is so knowledgeable and genuine, great experience and left with so many new ideas for cocktails!

    thumb Hannah

      Even though I wish we could have been in Mexico City learning about Mezcal, doing it on zoom with friends was so much fun and just made we want to... read more

    thumb Susan

      The experience was above average. I liked their Mezcal but the experience felt rushed with not many engaging elements. The biggest deficiency I felt was the lack of a social... read more

    thumb Riya

      Great class, and you could tell Sade really knew a lot about bartending! She was great about finding ways to customize our cocktails to our preferences, and was so engaging!

    thumb Janet

      Thank you Sade - what a wonderful event!
    Your passion, warmth and knowledge was so good. I loved the two hours we spent learning and exploring the world of Mezcal. I... read more

    thumb Dawn

      We really enjoyed our Mezcal tasting and learned a lot - everything from how it is made, to how to properly taste it, to how to pick out a high... read more

    thumb Lindsey

      Ana was your host and she was AMAZING! This is definitely a memorable experience. This was also our first online, "make a drink" experience, and it was so much... read more

    thumb Emile

      So fun! Exactly as expected.

    thumb Eli